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Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

What You Should Know

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The NRG ball (pronounced energy ball) is for a workout at home. This ball is for a low impact cardio workout, without the stress and intensity that are sometimes placed on your joints and heart during a regular aerobic class or workout video tape you might purchase at the store.The NRG ball was created by Howard Panes. Howard Panes has been a personal trainer for over 20 years. His idea was to create something that was effective as well as inexpensive for everyone.

Product Features

The NRG ball exercise system is made of steel and solid rubber. It ships anywhere in the USA or around the world and comes in 3 pieces. There is a ball and 2 bar handles which, are covered in foam for comfort that snap into the sides of the ball for stability. The bar handles can be used two at a time for something like a pushup, or just with one in the ball for something like crunches. The balls themselves are made from solid rubber and come in 3 different weights of 5lbs for people who are just beginning up to 9lbs for people who are professional athletes or very advanced.

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  • You can purchase online.
  • The system is easy to use.
  • There are online tutorials to show you many different exercises.
  • Disadvantages

  • There are so many at home exercise equipment models….this could just become another part of your garage sale if you don’t put it to good use.
  • Even with the most basic equipment you can get injured without someone showing you proper form. You can think you have it, and then tear a rotator cuff because you weren’t paying attention.
  • You cannot purchase extra balls without also purchasing more bars. It is sold only as a set.
  • Conclusion

    The NRG ball seems like a good idea for those of us who can’t afford an expensive gym membership or complex machinery to operate. Many people enjoy working out at home and this seems to compliment that choice. There seems to be a lot of diversification in what you can do and how you can use the equipment itself to custom fit it to whichever sport you are interested in or even just for overall fitness. Remember, in order to lose it or get in shape you’ve got to use the product, which for some of us can be a challenge. Sometimes the expense of a gym membership is what gets us there. The motivation has to come from somewhere..hopefully you don’t lose it while being at home.The NRG ball is a simple enough system for anyone to figure out, but doesn’t make it so easy as to not attract people who are experienced.

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    2 User Reviews about NRG Ball

    • 1
      jim lane

      I am a PGA professional and my NRG ball has “walked”and I need to get another.How can I do this? Thank you.Jim


    • 2
      Ann F.

      I am a personal trainer and this is the best product i have ever used for golf conditioning with my clients. Works the core great and strengthens the golf swing along with aligning proper swing plane. The system has an optional golf handle that my clients and golf pro love as well. You cant go wrong with this product. NRG BALL ROCKS!