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Nutrex is a manufacturer that makes health supplements for body builders. The company markets its Niox product as a lean muscle mass builder. With Arginne Ethyl Ester as a principle ingredient, Niox is designed to stimulate Nitric Oxide in your body with the goal of increasing muscle size with quickly visible results.

You should take Niox just before you start your workout. Nutrex states that upon ingestion, the supplement instantly dilates blood vessels, allowing more blood to rush directly to the muscles you are working. Then, according to marketing materials, your muscles will gain size, strength and stamina.

Nutrex utilizes photographs of competitive body builders and endorsements from Team Nutrex, a group of body builders on the company payroll. While these advertising methods make products such as Niox appear effective and desirable for building muscle mass, the cheaper way for non-competitive individuals interested in honing a healthier physique is exercise that may include a modest weight-training component to build strength and muscle.


L-Arginine Ethyl Ester Dichloride, R+Lipoic Acid, Beta Alanine, Rutaecarpine 98%, L-Norvaline, Calcium Phosphate Dibasic, Glycerol, vegetable cellulose, purified water, polysorbate 89.


Nutrex attributes the immediate results it claims for Niox to the its liquid capsule form. The fast-acting Niox liquid capsule delivers liquefied ingredients that Nutrex maintains will rapidly enter your bloodstream and start working.

While the Nutrex company does not balk at using chemical compounds and artificial coloring in its supplements, it is quick to make the point that its capsule material is of plant origin and vegetarian. Thus, Nutrex contends, health conscious people will feel good about taking its supplements.

Another promised result of using Niox at least once per day are those “road map veins” so prominently displayed by competitive body builders. This “wicked vascularity,” as the company calls it, is apparently a desirable look, although unless you are planning to compete, you may not actively seek this somewhat unsightly physique feature.

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  • Better absorption through liquid capsules than through pills or regular capsules
  • Immediately visible results in pumped up muscles
  • Vegetarian capsule material


  • No independent verification of claim that the body absorbs liquid capsules more completely
  • No quantifiable immediate results verified by scientific testing
  • Contains chemical compounds and artificial coloring


Nutrex markets its body building supplement, Niox, as a fast-acting lean muscle mass builder that produces almost immediate results in the size and stamina of your muscles. Interestingly, Nutrex does not promise that these results are long-lasting or permanent, raising the question of whether the visible results of taking Niox may have something to do with increased blood flow to muscle groups which pumps up the tissue temporarily. Despite the detailed explanations Nutrex provides regarding each active ingredient in the supplement, the fact remains that this product is neither FDA approved nor proven effective by independent laboratory testing.

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    Erik Delgadillo

    I recently bought my first pack and I am wondering if it will be effective for a 21 year old man? Or is it not necessary?