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NutriFit is a weight loss program that involves already-prepared meals that are delivered to your door regularly. NutriFit, LLC was founded by Jackie Keller, a culinary expert, back in 1987. The goal of this diet program is to assist users with healthy weight loss. NutriFit claims to offer a unprecedented variety of over 2000 already-prepared recipes for “delicious and nutritious” meals and delights. Keller also wrote books like “Body After Baby,” “A Simple, Healthy Plan to Lose Your Baby Weight Fast” and “Cooking, Eating & Living Well.” Dieters are billed weekly and pay $46.95 per week for breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

There are a variety of customer testimonials provided on the official website for the NutriFit program. These include success stories from men and women, as well as before/after photos. There are a number of celebrity endorsements from actors like Dennis Quaid, Will Ferrell, Julie Benz and George Segal. NutriFit offers a number of spice blends, baked goods, snack bars (high energy) and education products. It doesn’t appear that specific ingredients are involved with NutriFit pre-planned meals, but it does look like plenty of lean meats, vegetables, fresh fruit and whole grains are used. A money-back or satisfaction guarantee is not addressed on the official website.

Product Features

NutriFit is basically a pre-planned meal system that is aimed at helping women and men lose excess body weight. Naturally, the amount of weight loss varies from person to person. NutriFit meals are stated to be full of vitamins and energy-based ingredients so that users will get adequate nutrition, even if they’re eating smaller portions than they may be used to. This weight reduction system must be ordered regularly so that three meals are available for consumption each day. However, users can purchase only one or two meals per day. The caloric intake that’s right for you is determined by your age, sex, height and build. Clinical research supporting NutriFit is not available on the official website, however, there have been promotions for NutriFit on Extra, The Early Show, Today, The Biggest Loser and the History Channel.

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  • The NutriFit weight loss plan is suitable for men and women of all ages.
  • There are no potentially harmful diet drugs involved with NutriFit.
  • Numerous testimonials appear on the official website.
  • There is a very wide range of recipes to pick from.


  • There are no simple/convenient fat burners or appetite suppressants involved with the NutriFit program.
  • A money-back/satisfaction guarantee is not addressed on the website.
  • Some dieters may not care for the pre-planned meals that are involved with NutriFit.
  • This weight reduction program could get a tad pricey at $46.95 per week.
  • Some individuals may find a simple diet pill or capsule more convenient than the NutriFit system.


Unlike many other weight loss plans, NutriFit offers an actual variety of pre-planned meals that are delivered to your door. Obviously some dieters will find this rather refreshing and convenient. Then again, some people do not enjoy having their meals predetermined every day. In this case, NutriFit would not be suitable for you. Therefore if you’re searching for a convenient supplement or pill to assist you with weight loss, then you should not consider a program like NutriFit. However, if you’re will to commit to pre-planned meals, this looks like a pretty good program with many meals to choose from.

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    Kim Masoner

    Nutrifit is incredibly delicious and full of flavor – not only are we eating more healthy, we’re both losing weight in just 2 weeks of Nutrifit and we feel great and we’re not hungry! And it doesn’t feel like we’re dieting as… Read More >
    OMG Nutrifit is incredibly delicious and full of flavor – not only are we eating more healthy, we’re both losing weight in just 2 weeks of Nutrifit and we feel great and we’re not hungry! And it doesn’t feel like we’re dieting as they provide breakfast, breakfast snack, lunch, lunch snack, dinner with both salad and soup and a dessert!We both work long hours, so having the food ready to go in the fridge has been a wonderful treat thanks to Nutrifit. Here are our favorite meals so far, but because they have over 2,000 meal choices, we’ve only tried a small percentage:pot roastcitris basted pacific codeggs on a raftbaked plenta and turkey sausagebeef and cabbage rollspork and yam piemexican spring rollssweet & sour turkey meatballsrum marinated chickencurried turkey slidersmexican turkey lasagnasteak skewerschicken salad with spiced sesame saucepork cassouletchile turkey meatballssteak stewThanks Nutrifit for helping us eat more healthy and lose weigh easily!


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    Sarah Fabri

    Where in Cape Town South Africa can i contact the Nutrifit offices?



    Where are you based in Cape Town?