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What You Should Know

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Nutrislim Tea is a confusing diet product for consumers. There are packages that read Nutraslim Tea and others that read Nutrislim Tea with the same look and ingredients. This could mean that Nutrislim Tea and Nutraslim Tea are the same products. The ingredient list contains one ingredient and one ambiguous statement, so there is a bit of doubt about whether this product is a viable weight loss alternative.

List of Ingredients

Malva Verticellatta (Chinese High Mallow), All Natural Oriental Herb Product.

Product Features

Chinese High Mallow is a natural laxative and diuretic. This is a typical ingredient in weight loss teas. Laxatives cause a temporary dip in weight because they pull water from the body to lubricate the bowel and move excess waste out of the body. Laxatives are only safe for use with occasional constipation and should not be used regularly for weight loss. Over time, bowel muscles can grow lazy if they no longer have to work to move waste through the digestive tract. This can cause dependence on laxatives.

The diuretic qualities of the Chinese High Mallow are also a concern. Diuretics also pull water from the water. When combined with the effects of laxatives, dehydration can quickly occur. Often, weight loss or cleansing supplements that include a diuretic and laxative will add potassium because potassium is lost during diuretic and laxative use. This supplement does not contain potassium.

The only other item on the ingredient list is an all natural oriental herb product. We do not whether this is a statement about the product or an ingredient that the manufacturer wants to avoid revealing. If there are more ingredients there is no reason why the manufacturer should hide those from the dieter.

Dieters taking a prescription diuretic or over the counter water pill should not used Nutrislim Tea. This could lead to cramping and potassium imbalance. Too little potassium can lead to death.

Nutrislim Tea sells for $2.49 per box. One box contains 12 bags. There is no disclaimer about potential health risks which is a huge oversight. We could not find an official website, so we can assume more information on the product and possibly a more complete ingredient list would be available if a website were published.

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  • Easy to purchase online.
  • May relieve occasional constipation.


  • Laxatives are not safe for use during dieting.
  • Long-term use of laxatives may lead to health problems.
  • Diuretics can lead to dehydration.


Losing weight is about more than going to the bathroom more often. Diuretics and laxatives fool the scale for a small bit of time, but then the scale catches up when water stores return. The body holds on to water to use during normal, healthy processes.

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