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Orbiter Treadmills have a unique walking and running surface that makes working out easier and less impacting on the knees and joints. Typically, the Orbiter Treadmills are used for rehabilitation and in an athletic training session to maintain the integrity of joints. According to the official Orbiter Treadmill website, users can walk more often and with greater speed thanks to the unique engineering design.

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Orbiter Treadmill.

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What makes the Orbiter Treadmill unique is the cushioned walking surface. Most treadmills are created with a hard surface covered with a moving belt. The belt cycles in circles and creates the walking or running surface on which exercise is performed. Orbiter Treadmills have a cushion under the walking surface that absorbs shock, especially when the user is running. This cushion also increases the calories burned during the workout. The cushioned surface springs back and returns the energy it collected during impaction to the user. This allows for longer sessions on the treadmill with less led fatigue.

The official website offers several videos showing Orbiter Treadmills in action. The videos are a good source of reference for a buyer wanting to learn more about the treadmill before making a purchase. The trouble with home fitness equipment, however, is the dedication it takes for the dieter to maintain a consistent workout program. There is no one around at home to push the dieter when hunger is strong and the desire to quit even stronger.

Orbiter Treadmills are available for $9,950. Buyers can choose to add a heart rate monitor for an additional $400 and a reverse speed for $300. With these options, the total cost for Orbiter Treadmills would be $10,650. This is far higher than any other home treadmill equipment or weight loss supplements.

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  • Orbiter Treadmills are made to return energy.
  • Leg fatigue may be reduced.
  • Consumers can order treadmills online.
  • Pre-owned Orbiter Treadmills are available at reduced prices.


  • The price of Orbiter Treadmills is higher than other home equipment.
  • Being easier to use will not push the dieter to work out regularly.
  • Exercise may increase hunger if a weight loss supplement is not taken.


Orbiter Treadmills are state of the art and much more advanced than typical home treadmills. When it comes to losing weight, working out is essential but spending more than $10,000 on a treadmill could prove to be far more expensive than many dieters can afford. A local gym membership would even be less expensive and the dieter would have money left over to buy a year’s supply of a trusted, proven fat burner. This could be a more effective option for dieters who want to lose weight without going deep into debt.

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    clayton Lee

    Nice write up. Couple of things. 1. Orbiter Treadmills DO have “2 or more patented ingredients”. Orbiter techonogy is multi patented. 2. Trial offer – We do have an in home trial offer – new policy went in place January 2011. Thank you, Clayton Lee orbiter-treadmill.com