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You may currently be on the lookout for a weight loss program that really works. Maybe you need a fitness regimen, an over-the-counter supplement formula, or a simple meal plan. It just depends on your goals and preferences. At this point, we will scrutinize the Personality Type Diet, which is basically suitable for anyone.

The main goal of the Personality Type Diet is to assist men and women with changing their bad habits, and helping them adopt good eating habits for the future. This way you can ideally shed unwanted body fat, improve your overall health, and maintain a healthy body weight for the long run.

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The Personality Type Diet, like many others, is based on healthy eating and regular exercise. It was developed by Robert F. Kushner, who is a medical doctor and author. More specifically, he teaches classes on medicine at Northwestern University. The primary point of the Personality Type Diet is that no specific diet plan is ideal for everyone. This is why you must answer a list of 66 different questions with the Personality Type Diet program. These questions pertain to your daily habits, eating schedule, fitness regimen, and attitude. Once you have your answers, you are then placed into specific categories. From this point it is easier to deal with your individual condition. You are then given advice that pertains to your habits and behaviors. The goal is to change how you do things permanently. Just so you know, you may fall into more than one different category in this book. As for your food options on the Personality Type Diet, you can consume all kinds of seeds, fruits, nuts, vegetables, soy products, whole grains, and lentils. While these are rich in vitamins, they are low in bad fats, cholesterol, and sugar.

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  • This weight loss system tries to assist people individually with their dieting.
  • The Personality Type Diet encourages healthy eating habits.


  • There are no potentially harmful prescription drugs involved with this program.
  • This diet plan seems to be geared primarily toward vegetarians.
  • There are no supplements involved with the Personality Type Diet that burn away fat.


When it comes down to it, the Personality Type Diet may be able to help some individuals with healthy weight loss. It just depends on what you are willing to do, and the type of dieting system you are interested in. Naturally some men and women will not care for the idea of cutting out most meat products, while on this diet. However, you should keep in mind that fish and poultry are okay to eat. In regards to the categories you are placed in with this approach, this does not sound very accurate overall, which may concern some dieters.

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