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It is Petguard’s claim that ever since 1979 they have practiced a way of thinking that symbolizes their commitment to both the pet owner and his or her pet. They are providers of natural food alternatives that in turn provide healthier lifestyle and environment for your pets. In this day and age many people are worried about the vital relationship between health and nutrition. Everyone is concerned about where the ingredients are sourced, looking for products that do not contain any artificial makeup, including their ingredients, coloring agents, artificial preservatives and other by-products. They are concerned about an excess of salt or natural sugars. PetGuard voice their concern for minimizing the amounts of toxic chemicals in our atmosphere and soil and are sensitive about bettering the lifestyles not only of ourselves, but also of our pets. Veterinarians agree that pets that have a good nutritious diet suffer from less disease than those that are not so well off. They not only look healthier and lead a more active life than their counterparts that do not receive such a good balanced diet.


Consult individual packaging for the actual ingredients of a particular pet food. Generally speaking, all pertinent products contain natural organic grains and vegetables with hormone-free chicken.

Product Features

PetGuard “Next To Nature” organic LifePath Chicken & Vegetable Dry Dog Food is claimed to be suitable for all ages and breeds of dogs. It is made up of nutritious hormone-free chicken that have been raised in eco- aware surroundings and have been mixed with natural grains and a combination of naturally-grown organic vegetables. These include fresh nourishing natural carrots, freshly-picked peas, young spinach and potatoes.

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  • There is little doubt that natural organic foods and ingredients are better for us or our animals than foods that have been enhanced artificially.
  • There is a wide range of food products available.
  • We know of no known recalls of any PetGuard products.
  • Petguard products are available at numerous retail outlets and at a number of online stores.


  • We are a little uncertain about the wisdom of producing a vegan pet food for animals that are natural carnivores.


PetGuard offers a wide range of products for our precious dogs and cats. They have all been prepared according to strictly laid down rules and contain only the best natural ingredients. Any pet owners who are concerned about the makeup of bought pet foods can gain assurance from PetGuard products. PetGuard have been marketing natural options for your animal companion’s diet since 1979. They are always very concerned about the wellbeing of your pets and urge you to contact them if you have any queries regarding their products or about your particular pet’s dietary requirements.

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