Precor Recumbent Bike Review

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

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Precor is the manufacture of home-based and commercial-grade exercise equipment. The Precor recumbent bike is a commercial-grade piece of exercise equipment featuring preset workouts, varying resistance levels, heart monitor, ventilated seat and extra large foot pedals.

The Precor recumbent bike is available on the official website for $4000. Although we found the product on third-party ecommerce sites cheaper, the Precor recumbent bike is priced higher than comparable alternatives. Although Precor is an industry leader in exercise equipment, will the Precor recumbent bike fulfill the needs of the everyday individual looking to enhance their lifestyle?

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Precor recumbent bike.

Product Features

The Precor recumbent bike features a convenient step-through design as well as a low step-over height. With a ventilated padded seat and extra-wide pedals, the Precor recumbent bike offers conveniences to individuals. The product is equipped with a LCD screen with 12 preprogrammed workouts and 25 resistance levels.

We found the Precor recumbent bike to offer conveniences, but upon further research found the product to have flaws. Although the Precor recumbent bike has an adjustable seat, there was no indication of the maximum height requirements. Individuals taller than average may find using the Precor recumbent bike to be difficult. We also found no evidence of a diet plan. Using a piece of exercise equipment is beneficial, but eating an unbalanced diet with little to not supplementation will not allow the dieter to maximize their weight loss goals. An additional flaw we found was the lack of a maximum weight restriction. A dieter should not have to guess whether or not they will be able to use a piuece of equipment.

The Precor recumbent bike is available on the official website for $4000. Third-party ecommerce sites offer the product for approximately $3400. A lifetime warranty is available to consumers.

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  • Convenient step-through design.
  • No electricity required to operate the Precor recumbent bike.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Available on the official website.
  • Extra large pedals for individuals with larger shoe sizes.
  • Low impact.


  • Expensive compared to similar recumbent bikes.
  • No maximum weight restrictions offered to consumers.
  • Comprehensive diet plan not available to individuals.
  • Not designed for individuals of above average height.
  • The Precor recumbent bike is not portable.


Individuals seeking to enhance their healthy lifestyle tend to find pieces of equipment designed to fit their needs. The Precor recumbent bike fulfills the needs of exercise, but fails to address a dieter’s need to have a product which addresses the need for proper diet and supplementation. We could not find a comprehensive diet guide or a guide to proper supplementation.

The Precor recumbent bike offers a convenient step-through design, but does not address the individual who is above average in height. Taller individuals could potentially be deterred from using the Precor recumbent bike simply because the product creates an uncomfortable ride. Although the Precor recumbent bike is commercial-grade, the price is expensive compared to similar alternatives.

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