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Primetime Walkout is a workout DVD by Jane Fonda. Fonda is well known for her fitness DVDs and videos, but most were produced in her younger years. This workout was released in 2010 and aims to help dieters lose weight by walking rather than completely strenuous aerobic workouts. Walking is considered one of the easiest and healthiest workouts a dieter can do to lose weight. In order to complete a walking DVD like Primetime Walkout at home, the dieter will walk in place with added movements throughout the hour-long workout.

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Walking workout with Jane Fonda.

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Have you ever wondered how you could walk without going outside and actually moving from one place to another? The Primetime Walkout DVD with Jane Fonda is the ideal solution. Fonda takes the dieter through a walking workout from the privacy of their home. There are two levels; the first is for beginners and the second is a step-up workout for continued weight loss success. Kegel exercises are also noted in the DVD. Kegel exercises strengthen the pelvic floor. They are commonly used by women before and after pregnancy, but men can also complete Kegel exercises to increase pelvic floor strength.

As this DVD is created by an older, more mature Jane Fonda, we expect the target audience is older as well. Consumer reviews support this theory and, in general, consumers are not too happy with the workout. Cues are not followed, the music tends to be less than exciting and Fonda seems a bit out of sync with the workout. One 60-year-old reviewer claimed the workout was too soft offering no increased heart rate.

In order to gain benefits from exercise, heart rate needs to increase. Most of the time, this increase is evident because the dieter starts to sweat. Profuse sweating is not needed for a good workout, but there should be some elevation in body temperature and a bit of moisture on the brow, at the least.

The Primetime Walkout DVD sells for $10 on

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  • Walking fitness DVD for older adults.
  • May provide a good workout for the strict beginner.
  • Priced comparably to other workout DVDs.


  • May not be strenuous enough for someone who walks daily.
  • Cues are uncomfortable.
  • Jane Fonda seems out of whack with the music.
  • Music is dull.


It takes an upbeat person to instruct a walking workout in the home. Jane Fonda, the queen of aerobic workouts, tries to accomplish a basic fitness workout for the aging adult, but she falls a bit short. Despite the great price, we suggest the dieter try a different waling workout or go outside and talk a few strides.

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    i want jane fonds dvd work out with kegels in dvd?