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What You Should Know

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According to ProFight Sports, the manufacturer of ProFight FC-Block, this weight loss supplement can block carbs, curb appetite and reduce weight among many other wonderful effects. Unlike carb blockers and fat blockers, ProFight FC-Block aims to keep both fat and carbohydrates undigested. That leaves only protein calories for the body to digest which could lead to extreme weight loss; however, the supplement has no ingredients to back up these claims.

List of Ingredients

Proprietary Blend: White Kidney Bean Extract, Chloson, Chromium Chelate, Vanadium Chelate, Calcium Pyruvate.

Product Features

White Kidney Bean Extract is used in nearly every carbohydrates blocker. The extract does not block carbs, but it has been proven to prevent carbs from being sliced into tiny pieces before being utilized for energy. Larger carbohydrate strands burn as energy much faster.

Chloson is an unknown ingredient. We think it may be Chitosan. Chitosan is commonly used to absorb fat or block fat from being digested. There is only one proven fat blocker and that product is marketed over the counter as Alli. Alli, derived from the prescription medication Xenical, only blocks a small portion of fat.

Chromium Chelate is a proven appetite suppressant so we like this ingredient. Dieters often fall off the weight loss wagon because they are simply too hungry to continue dieting until their stomach shrinks and less food is needed to feel full. Chromium may help fight off this hunger. Vanadium Chelate may help control blood glucose levels which could also help fight off hunger.

Calcium Pyruvate helps with carbohydrate digestion. This form of calcium is also needed for proper metabolism.

The claims listed by the manufacturer, including being able to eat fatty hamburgers, fried calamari and “super-sized” fast food fries while losing weight are simply untrue. The ingredients in this supplement will not prevent weight gain due to bad eating habits.

ProFight FC-Block sells for $36.99 per bottle.

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  • Ingredients are listed on the official ProFight Sports website.
  • Chromium is proven to decrease hunger.
  • White kidney bean extract may help the body digest carbohydrates faster.


  • Ingredients will not significantly increase weight loss.
  • Eating unhealthy, fatty foods will not result in weight loss.
  • Blocking fats and carbohydrates is impossible with nutritional supplements.


ProFight Sports lists some extraordinary claims about ProFight FC-Block. We knew from the start that no supplement would be able to live up to these claims, but we wanted to give the supplement a fair shake. At the end of the ingredient list we are left with one proven appetite suppressant and a few ingredients that claim to block fat and carbohydrates. Dieters may enjoy taking a proven fat burner and appetite suppressant while eating healthy rather than wasting money on a product that simply will not work.

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