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There are many different pieces of fitness equipment on the market at this point. This makes it much easier for men and women to find and choose the right workout machine, treadmill, stair-master, recumbent bike, or elliptical machine to suit their needs. Some of these machines are even supposed to workout all parts of your body, which in turn should help you with a complete body tone-up. One device that we are going to scrutinize in this review is the ProForm Abs Bench. It can be purchased through various distributors like JC Penney, Amazon, and common sporting goods stores. It sells for a list price of $129.99.

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Product Features

The ProForm Abs Bench is a workout device that enables you to focus on your core. The core is basically the torso of the body. It includes the abdominals, lower back, and mid-section. Many fitness experts emphasize the importance of having a strong core. The ProForm Abs Bench is pitched as a product that will help you get “the look you have always wanted.” It is a single bench with a backrest that can be inclined or laid flat. It has an elastic band that comes over both shoulders, and handles to grip for exercises. The design allows for a free range of motion, and a complete core workout.

Basically, the ProForm Abs Bench is claimed to work out your obliques, abdominals, and back muscles. It is a steel construction device that can be folded down for easy and convenient storage. With this product, you will receive a DVD and exercise chart that allow you to use the ProForm Abs Bench properly and effectively. Some of the distributor websites for this piece of fitness equipment provide customer testimonials. There is only a 90-day parts and repair warranty for this product.

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  • This piece of fitness equipment may help you strengthen your core.
  • The ProForm Abs Bench is suitable for both women and men.
  • There are some customer reviews found online.


  • This product will unlikely provide a good cardiovascular workout for calorie burning.
  • The parts and repair warranty expires after only 90 days.
  • There are no convenient supplement formulas involved with this fitness device.
  • The ProForm Abs Bench only focuses on the core; not the legs and arms.


Depending on what your weight loss or fitness goals are, the ProForm Abs Bench may be suitable for you. It can likely help you strengthen your core muscles. However, this product is not ideal for cardio workouts. Therefore it is not the best choice if you are simply trying to burn off body fat and shed unwanted pounds. You should also keep in mind that there is only a 90-day warranty with the ProForm Abs Bench.

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    How can I get A pro Form ABS DVD ?