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What You Should Know

Progressive Nutritional Therapies is an essential division of Body Plus Nutritional Products Inc. Body Plus Nutritional Products Inc. is a private corporation that has focused on the production of natural health products since 1984. All corporate headquarters and GMP certified facilities are located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Progressive Natural Therapies mainly focuses on vitamins and minerals, EFA’s, green foods, phytonutrients, protein supplements, and organic whole foods. Their formulas are specially designed for people of all ages, genders, and activity levels. Dr. Mikhael Adams B.Sc., ND. is the mastermind behind all products, as each newly tested product is developed and tested by him before it can be mass produced. Every single product is energetically tested for compatibility and made from the highest quality raw materials from all around the globe. Progressive Nutritional Therapies offers 100% quality assurance, as they thoroughly stand behind their products and formulas.


Progressive Nutritional Therapies has a variety of products available for men, women, and children. Many products contain essential vitamins and minerals, as well as a number of natural, organic ingredients that are beneficial to your health.

What You Should Know

Progressive Nutritional Therapies’ commitment is simple: to help you live a longer, more vibrant life. Their products are solely based around their commitment and they have proven to greatly benefit your health. Aside from maintaining an inventory of beneficial products, Progressive Nutritional Therapies is dedicated to our planet and the several important benefits of what it means to go green. They are constantly finding ways to reduce their carbon footprint with their newest Go Green program which also supports the David Suzuki Foundation. With every product sold, a portion of the proceeds is donated directly to the David Suzuki Foundation, which helps the battle with climate change and global warming. Some of the products available for both men and women include as assortment of multivitamins, antioxidants, calcium supplements, fish oils, green foods, protein supplements, and pre and probiotics. Children’s products include a variety of multivitamins, antioxidants and calcium supplements. There are user testimonials available on the website as well as recipes and where to purchase the products.

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  • All products are made with natural, organic ingredients.
  • A variety of products available for men, women, and children.
  • Environmentally-conscious company.
  • User testimonials on website.


  • May be hard to find in stores – mostly purchased online


Progressive Natural Therapies is dedicated to providing natural and organic products that can greatly benefit your health. There are a number of supplements that can be used by men, women, and children.

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    stacey upper

    i’m a regular consumer of phyto and vegie green as part of my daily in take. i thank you for the excellant nutrition on a cellular level!
    but what of radiation levels now? will, or do you grow in a controlled environment. and please, lets not pretend like tthe rest of main stream media that we are at acceptable levels. most people can think for themselves today. thank you for your wonderful product.