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What You Should Know

ProMera Health is dedicated to providing products that enable you to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The name ProMera is derived from the Latin word, promereo, meaning “to deserve or merit”, and ProMera Health continues to live up to providing products that are focused on strength and overall wellness. ProMera Health employees are experts in the fields of pharmaceutical, nutriceutical, consumer-packaged goods and marketing. Together, they have created a company that continues to thrive based on quality products that appeal to those who want benefits to their health. All ProMera Health products are processed according to cGMP (current good manufacturing processes) which is very similar to the Food and Drug Administration. This process is not required, rather chosen by ProMera Health because they firmly stand by their products. ProMera Health has two divisions, CON-CRET and StayActiv, both certified drug-free by Aegis Sciences Corporation.


CON-CRET products contain ultra concentrated creatine in its most natural form. Stay Activ product ingredients are not found on their website.

Product Features

CON-CRET is a pure, concentrated creatine hydrochloride created for dedicated athletes, regardless of experience level, or simply those looking to exceed their conditioning level. CON-CRET contains Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) which is a primary source of energy for cellular and muscular function. What makes CON-CRET different from other leading products is that it does not require a cycle-off period or loading phase because of the recommended micro-dosing by bodyweight (1/4 tsp per 100 lbs of body weight). One serving of CON-CRET is equivalent to 5-10 grams of creatine monohydrate. There are no proven side effects such as bloating or excessive water retention. CON-CRET is a safe way to get desired results instead of using steroids, as you will never test positive in drug tests. StayActiv was created for pain relief. It contains all natural ingredients including amino acids that act as anti-inflammation and pain relief equivalent to drugs in the NSAIDs category without any harmful or dangerous side effects. StayActiv has no proven side effects. User testimonials for both products can be found on their website.

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  • CON-CRET is a safe way to get steroid-like results.
  • CON-CRET/StayActiv have no proven side effects.
  • ProMera Health bases their products on natural ingredients.


  • Website does not offer product ingredients.
  • CON-CRET geared more toward competitive athletes.
  • Does not say where you can purchase products.


ProMera Health products are a safer way to get desired results in competitive training or to ease pain relief in a natural way.

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