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Proscale is a digital company that sells a variety of measurement systems. Among these systems are digital scales that can be used to measure food weight to control calories. Diet recipes tend to suggest using a certain amount of meat or starch, but the dieter is left guessing how much it takes to make up the appropriate serving size. Digital scales, like those sold through Proscale, can make measuring ounces easier, faster and less taxing.

List of Ingredients

Digital scales and linear measuring devices.

Product Features

We could find no use for the linear measuring devices sold by Proscale, but the company offers more than linear equipment. The official website does not list digital weight scales, but several Proscale weight devices can be found online through third party retailers.

The Proscale LC-300 is one of the smallest digital scales offered by the company. The scale weighs just 100 grams and offers ounces, troy ounces, pennyweight and grams. The foldable scale can be carried in any purse of handbag for use outside of the home or in the grocery store.

Measuring food is not for everyone, but some dieters feel more in control when they know exactly how much lean meat, nuts or fruit they are consuming. Controlling calories is simple for some, but others have more difficulty estimating one serving size and thus the Proscale digital scale can come in handy. Eating the right amount of food, exercising and choosing a fat burner that works are the three main elements to a successful weight loss plan.

Proscale digital scales vary in price, but the LC-300 sells for $14.99. Larger or smaller scales will typically be priced higher and lower respectively.

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  • Digital scales help dieters control calories.
  • The scale is affordable.
  • Foldable so dieters can take the Proscale anywhere.


  • No Proscale digital scales are available on the official website.
  • Dieters may feel let down by true portion sizes.
  • Controlling food intake is not the same as controlling hunger.


Dieters may find measuring out foods exhausting and tedious, but over time the method can lead to a better understanding of appropriate portion control. Eating the right amount of food is crucial to losing weight and Proscale can help. The fact that no digital scales are listed on the official website is a bit concerning, but the lower price makes up for any potential risk from buying from outside retailers. When choosing to measure foods, it is more important than ever to utilize herbal appetite suppression to control hunger. That chicken cutlet that filled you up before, may be two or three servings based on weight. That can lead to hunger, fast.

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    Robbie Lane

    Will not work unless shaken and batteries are put in and taken out and repositioned, etc. What is up?