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Protein Factory is a supplement company for fitness and workout supplements. As the name implies, most products sold through the company are protein based. What makes Protein Factory unique is the ability of the dieter to customize protein powders to meet their needs. Hardcore Fat-Loss MRP, for instance, offers flavor and sweetener options. In addition, the dieter can choose to add Aminogen and / or Microlactin to the fat loss powder.

Protein Factory offers base pricing for their supplements and upgrades, if you will. The base price will be significantly lower than the final price if the customer adds flavors, sweeteners and optional ingredients. Dieters will find a long list of fat loss products through Protein Factory. Choosing may be difficult with so many options.

List of Ingredients

Hardcore Fat-Loss MRP: Rice oligodextrin, micellar casein, CFM whey isolate, flax powder, fish oil powder, conjugated linoleic acid powder, glutamine peptides, ajinomoto L-leucine, L-valine, L-isoleucine, vitamins, minerals, carbogen and peak ATP.

Intermediate Weight Loss: Rice oligodextrin, CFM whey isolate, micellar casein, flax powder, fish oil powder, vitamins, minerals and carbogen.

Alpha Fat-Loss MRP: Rice oligodextrin, whey protein concentrate, microfiltration milk protein concentrate, flax powder, fish oil powder, vitamins and minerals.

Product Features

Protein Factory is all about protein and that is where the benefit to dieters stops. None of the fat loss protein supplements are created with necessary ingredients to boost fat loss. No green tea, caffeine or appetite suppressing ingredients could be found in any of the fat loss formulas. The main ingredient in each, rice oligodextrin, is a carbohydrate. Bodybuilding forums actually suggest people stop taking the carbohydrate if they want to slim down and lose weight before a competition.

The fact that dieters can add ingredients to the protein powder may be a bit confusing for some dieters. There is also the lack of definitive pricing.

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  • Ingredient lists are revealed online.
  • An official website is available for ordering.


  • Customers may be confused by the ability to personalize protein and fat loss products.
  • Rice oligodextrin is a carbohydrate that could cause weight gain.
  • The shakes are not meal replacements.
  • Protein Factory products seem aimed at bodybuilding versus weight loss.
  • No fat burning ingredients or appetite suppression herbs are added to the formulas.


Dieters will not find the protein source for weight loss they desire from Protein Factory. The ability to add different ingredients to the protein powder mix may be confusing. No pricing is listed for the products other than a base price. Once different ingredients are added such as flavor and sweetener, the price will increase. Bodybuilders believe that plant protein, like rice oligodextrin, should be used only for weight gain – not weight loss.

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    riama nagero

    This company has terrible customer support and service. The FDA recently forced Protein Factory to change their formulas, fair warning.