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The PT Bouncer is an exercise trampoline also known as a rebounder. It is manufactured by Super Tramp Trampolines. The company is located in England and has been in business for over 25 years. Besides the PT Bouncer, Super Tramp manufactures a variety of round and rectangular trampolines in several different sizes. They also sell trampoline accessories and spare parts. In addition to trampolines, Super Tramp sells table tennis tables, sleds, inflatable kayaks, and a variety of outdoor games and fitness equipment.

Super Tramp Trampolines has a website explaining the benefits of rebounding on the PT Bouncer. These benefits include: burning of excess fat, increased vitality, lowering of cholesterol level, and improvement of balance, coordination, circulation and muscle tone. Rebounding tones and strengthens the entire body. It also helps promote cardio-vascular exercise. According to the company website, rebounding can burn more calories than jogging.

The PT Bouncer is world renowned and considered one of the most popular rebounders around. Many people feel it is the best rebounder on the market. Owners of the PT Bouncer think it is fun to use and give it a great overall rating.

Super Tramp offers online ordering and includes a copy of the book “Rebounding for Health & Fitness” by Margaret Hawkins with the purchase of a PT Bouncer. Also included is a copy of the DVD “PT Bouncer Complete Body Workout” by Karl Frew.

Other online fitness, health and sporting equipment sites in the UK carry the PT Bouncer. The product costs approximately 90 United Kingdom Pounds or $132.00.

The PT Bouncer weighs 19 pounds (8.5 kgs). It has a diameter of 40 inches (102 cm) and is 9 inches (23cm) high.

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Product Features

The PT Bouncer is easy and fun to use. It is lightweight and doesn’t take up a lot of room. The legs can be unscrewed which makes for easy storage under a bed or behind a sofa. A support bar can be purchased separately. The support bar is useful for people who want or need added steadiness. A cover can also be purchased separately, if desired.

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  • The company has an official website
  • The PT Bouncer is a fun and easy to use
  • The PT Bouncer does not take up much room when set up
  • The PT Bouncer stores easily


  • The PT Bouncer is only available online
  • Springs need to be replaced occasionally which adds to the overall cost of the product


The PT Bouncer sounds like a fun and effective way to exercise. However, before purchasing any fitness equipment it is wise to do some research to decide if it suits your needs. Also, before embarking on any new or different exercise routine, it would be wise to consult with a physician.

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