Purify Your Body Detox Review

Editor's Review: 2.7 / 5.0

What You Should Know

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Purify Your Body makes foot pads that they claim can purify your body of toxins through a process of osmosis. The elements in the pads-all of which are natural and contain no fillers-draw out any materials that have collected in your body, leaving your body functioning as it was intended to, without interference from poisons. The idea is to stick these pads to your feet at night, and while you sleep, the gunk in your body that doesn’t belong there will be drawn out. In the morning, your foot pads will be soaked with “goo,” which means lymph dark with the toxins that your body has been storing.

The owner of the company is Rebecca Hauptman, and Rebecca promises that her products contain no filler and nothing that is artificial or environmentally harmful. Rebecca’s company, Purify Your Body, provides detox foot pads to several spas in the United States.

List Of Ingredients

Keeping to her promise of all natural ingredients, these foot pads contain no fillers or harsh chemicals-after all, those are just the sorts of things we should e getting out of our bodies! Here is a list of the ingredients in the PYB Detox Foot Pads: oak vinegar, bamboo vinegar, tourmaline houttyunia cordata, eucalyptus, chitosan, agicarus mushroom, and saurus chinesis.

Product Features

The most important feature of Rebecca’s product is that it works naturally, and does not rely on any fillers. It has no cornstarch, vegetable fiber, or dextrin, which undercut the effectiveness of other foot pads. She also ships her items in environmentally friendly pouches, to minimize the risk of adding to the environmental toxins she is fighting.

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  • All natural ingredients
  • .

  • Moderately inexpensive
  • .

  • Doesn’t require putting anything in the body
  • Disadvantages


  • Sometimes require 2 or 3 pads in a night


  • Results can be slow for full detoxification
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  • Trying to sleep with gooey pads taped to your feet
  • Conclusion

    Foot pad detoxification is a growing area of diet supplementation, and doesn’t have much besides anecdotal evidence to support its claims to cleanse the body and make the user feel better. On the other hand, something is coming out of the feet and soaking those pads. If there’s that much gunk inside our bodies, it might be worth it to get it out-if it’s harmful gunk. There’s no way for the user to know that for sure. And though the product claims to be all-natural, that doesn’t guarantee it’s doing something good for your body; as doctors are constantly pointing out to their patients, just because something claims to be all natural (a claim a customer can’t verify on his or her own, anyway), doesn’t mean it will be beneficial.

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