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Quaker Oatmeal has been in pantries and cupboards since its market debut in 1877. Oatmeal has been a popular breakfast cereal, both hot and cold, since then. In more recent years, oats have come back into favor as a whole grain that can help maintain a healthy weight and reduce cholesterol levels.

Quaker Oatmeal now comes in several types. The original old fashioned Quaker Oats are the thickest and least processed of the rolled oats and therefore the healthiest. The old fashioned oats take approximately five minutes to cook up as oatmeal cereal and can also be used in oatmeal cookies and oatmeal bread. The Quaker Quick Oats are a thinner rolled oat and take only one minute to cook.


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Product Features

A popular more recent addition to the Quaker line up is the Instant Quaker Oatmeal. This product comes in individual serving pouches in many different flavors such as Maple & Brown Sugar, Apples & Cinnamon, and Peaches & Cream. These packets only need boiling water added to provide instant oatmeal. The rolled oats are cut more finely to be able to cook faster but otherwise, they are the same oats as used in the Quaker Quick Oats.

Medical research suggests that traditional, or steel cut, oats are the healthiest of all. Steel cut oats retain the hull, where most of the nutrition is, and are cut into two or three pieces, rather than steamed and rolled. Steel cut oats have a lower glycemic index than rolled oats which is important in some dieting circles. Quaker Oats offers steel cut oats but, in our experience, they are more difficult to find on store shelves than their more convenient cousins.

The Quaker Oats website offers many recipes using the different styles of oats. They also provide complete descriptions of all of their products along with ingredient lists for their flavored oatmeal products. Quaker also presents a section on weight management where customers can sign up and customize their own plan using Quaker Oats.

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  • Oats have been proven to be heart-healthy and reduce cholesterol.
  • Quaker offers some oat products that have a low glycemic index.
  • The Instant Oats are convenient for busy families.


  • None.


Quaker Oatmeal has been clinically proven to be an important source of whole grains and fiber which contributes to heart health. We like that Quaker Oatmeal does not contain fillers and preservatives. The unflavored oats are pure unadulterated oats and the flavored ones provide a full ingredient list. Quaker Oats makes it easy to incorporate more oats into your diet by providing recipes on its cans and also on its website. This is definitely a healthy food staple that can only benefit anyone’s diet.

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21 User Reviews about Quaker Oatmeal

  • 1
    Phyllis Topham

    Honey Nut oatmeal is the only instant oatmeal that I really like and I really really like it. Please bring it back. It was such a good start to the day.


  • 2
    Heather Farrow

    I am also upset that Honey Nut is no longer being made. I bought a box a few years ago and just opened it up today. The oatmeal tastes great…Please reconsider making this available!


  • 3

    Am TERRIBLY upaet they no longer offer honey nut flavor! I never buy oatmeal anymore! PLEASE reconsider! You made a BIG mistake!


  • 4

    I never ate oatmeal until Honey Nut. I can’t find it anywhere. I also enjoyed the taste, consistency and full feeling it gave me. As of now, I don’t eat any oatmeal. Please make it again.


  • 5

    I too love quaker’s honey nut oatmeal!..I have been looking for it for a long time. I didn’t realize that it was discontinued. Why would they do that to such a delicious product?..I am very sad :(


  • 6
    shelley grose

    I am so upset quacker oats cancelled honey nut, only flavor I really really love please please bring it back and if anybody knows where I can get left over boxes please email me..I was losing weight eating honey nut. quacker bring it back!!!


  • 7
    terri johnson

    I’ve never been a breakfast eater until Quaker produced the honey nut brand I fell in love with the taste,consistency, and its “staying” power. The bonus was I not only had more energy, but my Cholesterol levels and weight progressively went down Since Quaker discontinued this brand I am no longer excited about breakfast and find myself choosing unhealthy late night snacks.Please reconsider and resume production of the Honey-Nut instant oatmeal Respectfully TJ Wilson NC


  • 8

    I have been looking at several different stores in different cities trying to find the Quaker Honey Nut instant oatmeal. It was my favorite flavor. I now see it has been discontinued. Please bring it back!!!!


  • 9
    Carmelita Davis

    I have been trying to get honey nut oatmeal too and I can’t find it. Amazon does not have any for sale. They need to bring it back because this is the only kind me and my daughter likes. It is about to be winter and I need it for breakfast in the mornings.


  • 10

    I LOVE(D) the Honey Nut flavor and now that its discontinued I am extremely upset :(
    I’ve tried to find something similar but no one makes a flavor that’s even CLOSE to how awesome this was!


  • 11

    Please bring back the instant Honey Nut oatmeal. It is the only flavor my son and I really like. We are very disappointed.


  • 12
    Judy Beasley

    Well after reading this I am just sick. I loved the honey nut instant oatmeal and now I find you have quit making it. Wow, it is the only oatmeal I would eat and I really loved it. I really wish you would reconsider…..Sincerely


  • 13

    I too, have been disappointed in Quaker’s decision to discontinue the Honey Nut flavor. It has been a family favorite of ours for years and I don’t understand how they can just stop it like that. They have come out with all of these new flavors that don’t appeal to my children! Very frustrating! BRING IT BACK!


  • 14

    Where’s my honey nut oatmeal?


  • 15

    I have been using Honey Nut Oatmeal and have really enjoyed it. Where did it go?
    I can’t find it in any stores in NC. Quaker, what have you done?


  • 16
    D McGonigal Sr

    Looking for Quaker Toasted Oats and Honey Nut. Can’t find in Pa. Why?????


  • 17
    D McGonigal Sr

    Lookijg for Quaker Toasted Oats and Honey Nut. Can’t find in Pa. Why?????


  • 18

    This oatmeal is actually salty! yuk


  • 19
    John Butler, Jr.

    I have been eating Honey Nut Quaker Oatmean as far back as I can remember and now I can’t find any in the city of El Paso, Texas. Do you still make it and if you do can I order som directly from you.


    Jackie Sibley

    They discontinued that flavor. I am just sick about it. I ordered 2 cases from Amazon about 2 weeks ago. At that time they had 42 cases left. I checked back and they are all gone. I have asked Quaker to please re consider. That is the only flavor I like.


  • 20
    vicki cook

    I am looking for honey nut oatmeal and I am unable to buy it anywhere the austin, TX area. How can I get some