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If you have not noticed, energy-boosting beverages are a major aspect of everyday life at this point. There are coffee shops on every corner, just waiting to fill the caffeine needs of every man, woman or child that comes through their doors. There are also countless “energy drink” brands and options out there that have been banking off of consumers for more than a decade now. However, the question is; do these beverages really aid your body and mind, and better assist you with making it through the day? Well, QuikStik is a small line of products that are claimed to be an alternative fix to routine coffees and energy drinks.

QuikStik is brought to you by the Trump Company (Donald Trump). A few of the mentioned ingredients used in these powder supplements are Green Tea Extract (a form of caffeine), Cranberry Extract, Griffonia, St. Johns Wort, Ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba, and Bacopa. There is no money-back guarantee mentioned for QuikStik.

List of Ingredients

Full lists of ingredients are not available.

Product Features

QuikStik is a group of three different powder formulas that can each be combined with water for a quick and convenient drink. These formulas are called QuikStik WindUp (aids users in the morning with getting nutrients the body requires), QuikStik ReWind (an afternoon blend that replenishes the body and aids with after-lunch fatigue), and QuikStik UnWind (provides the user with bionutrients for afternoon relaxation and quality sleep). A 15-day supply of these powder supplements appears to cost around $50. These beverages do not aid with fat loss or calorie burning. Nor do they endeavor to suppress hunger or boost thermo genesis. There is no fitness regimen or diet plan that is discussed with QuikStik.

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  • This supplement comes in the convenient form of powder that is combined with water.
  • QuikStik encourages the consumption of water.
  • There are bionutrients and botanicals used in these powder formulas.


  • There is no guarantee offered with QuikStik products.
  • These powder formulas do not suppress hunger or burn off calories.
  • Although QuikStik is claimed to be a healthy alternative to coffee and energy drinks, it still contains Green Tea Extract, which is a form of caffeine.
  • There are no full ingredient lists for these three powders.
  • No free trial samples are offered of QuikStik.


In the end, QuikStik actually comes across like just another energy drink. Even though it is stated that these powder formulas are infused with bionutrients and natural extracts, they additionally contain Green Tea Extract (contains EGCG), which is a form of caffeine. Therefore it is unclear what makes QuikStik so unique or healthy in comparison to typical energy beverages and coffee drinks.

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