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R Lipoic Acid by Protein Factory comes in a 90 count bottle for $17.00. There is no information on the supplement provided by Protein Factory. We looked through the website inventory and found only a few supplements without a description. No specific ingredients are listed, either. Protein Factory does not offer a money-back guarantee and no testimonials are listed for the R Lipoic Acid supplement.

List of Ingredients

R-Lipoic Acid.

Product Features

R Lipoic Acid works as an antioxidant in the body. It is soluble in water and fat making it highly adaptable in the body. Antioxidants work to fight free radical damage. Free radicals area created when cells convert oxygen to water. These oxidants escape through the cell wall. From there they attack healthy cells, taking over reproduction. Free radicals rapidly reproduce, killing cells along the way. R Lipoic Acid captures those free radicals and stops reproduction. They quickly die off and normal cell reproduction heals the affected area.

The body produces antioxidants, but intense exercise, weight loss and environmental factors like drinking alcohol and smoking cause increased numbers of free radicals that the body may not be able to fight off without help. R Lipoic Acid provides that help. R Lipoic Acid also works to produce other antioxidants like glutathione. There is evidence that R Lipoic Acid may fight off large amounts of free radicals caused by injury and trauma.

Despite its work in the body, there is a problem with taking in R Lipoic Acid. The weight loss market has quickly caught on to the effects of antioxidants. They are now promoted more than any proven weight loss supplement. Taking in too many antioxidants can cause negative side effects. Oxidants are harmful to the body, but they also have a part in healthy body functions. If too many antioxidants are consumed, the oxidant levels fall below healthy amounts, leaving no room for healthy oxidant function.

Common doses of R Lipoic Acid fall between 50 and 100 mg per day. When given intravenously, up to 1,200 mg can be consumed. There is no mention of how much R Lipoic Acid is included in the Protein Factory supplement.

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  • R Lipoic Acid is a healthy antioxidant.
  • May help prevent free radical damage.
  • Used in the medical treatment of trauma.


  • Taking too many antioxidants can inhibit oxidant function.
  • Protein Factory does not reveal how much R Lipoic Acid is contained in the supplement.


We support antioxidant use to fight free radical damage. However, there are less expensive varieties that may be just as useful as R Lipoic Acid. Green tea, for instance, has strong antioxidant function for a fraction of the cost of this supplement.

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