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Raw Thyroid is one of the more interesting thyroid support supplements available on the market today. Instead of just adding iodine-rich kelp to support thyroid function, Raw Thyroid adds tissue from some unknown source. The tissue could be from bovine or cow sources, but that information is not revealed in any product description we found. Typically, tissues used in supplements like Raw Thyroid are digested by the body as food just like muscle tissue or meat is digested. Eating the tissue of another animal will not support human organ function.

List of Ingredients


  • Thyroid Tissue
  • Adrenal Tissue
  • Pituitary Tissue
  • Thymus Tissue
  • Spleen Tissue
  • Kelp

Product Features

The only ingredient with any known health benefits in the list of ingredients for Raw Thyroid is kelp. Kelp is commonly sold as a thyroid stimulant to boost thyroid function and weight loss. Though kelp is not likely to cause weight loss or even stimulant a thyroid that is already working as optimal level, it is a safe ingredient.

The other ingredients in Raw Thyroid are rather scary. There is tissue from five different organs. The name of the supplement implies these tissues are raw, which leads to health and safety concerns. We are also concerned about the source of the tissues. The dieter is not told where these tissues are sourced or how they are processed. Tissues, when consumed in any manner, will be digested as food and have no effect on thyroid function, but if the source does not follow certain safety protocols, they can pass disease on to the consumer.

The final concern we have with Raw Thyroid is the product description. There is mention of candidiasis as a cause for reduced thyroid function, but none of the ingredients in the formula address the yeast overgrowth that causes candidiasis. We’re not sure why the company behind Raw Thyroid chose to include information about yeast overgrowth in the product description, but it plays no part in how the supplement works.

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  • Ingredients in Raw Thyroid are listed online.
  • Kelp supplies iodine, which supports thyroid function.


  • The addition of tissues in the formula leaves us worried about health and safety.
  • There is no mention of where the tissues are sourced.
  • Tissue fibers of any kind will be digested as food.


Raw Thyroid supplies kelp, but it also supplies tissues from various organs. Due to the lack of information as to where the tissues were harvested and the lack of clinical proof tissue extracts support organ health of any kind, we suggest the dieter skip Raw Thyroid.

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