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Reduze is a super slimming weight loss supplement sold only in Singapore. We could find no online website for the company, Avenza, or the supplement. We did find pictures of a newspaper article featuring Jeannette Aw, the spokesperson for Reduze. We also managed to find an official fan page for the celebrity spokesperson, but there was little information on the product. Blog posts and forum updates claim the product sells for between $40 and $100 US.

List of Ingredients

Ingredients Unknown.

Product Features

The newspaper ad describing Reduze offers quite a bit of information. The supplement is supposed to be backed with clinical studies. According to these studies, dieters can lose up to 12 times more weight taking Reduze than people who do not take the supplement. The spokesperson claims to have lost about five pounds taking the supplement in just two weeks without changing how she ate or adding exercise. The fine print states regular exercise and dieting is required to lose weight.

The claims get more extraordinary from there. In just 10 weeks, dieters can lose 20% body fat, 14.6% of their BMI and more than eight inches from the waist. Dr. David Tan, the Medical Director of Avenza was also quoted as saying Reduze users managed a healthy lipid and cholesterol profile in addition to weight loss.

Reading through more of the newspaper article, which reads more like an advertisement, Reduze works to control fat and carbohydrate metabolism. Appears to be similar to carb blockers and fat blockers in the United States. Jeanette Aw claims one-half her calories are not metabolized when she takes Reduze. The fact that the supplement is also supposed to target stomach or abdominal fat could mean it aims to reduce Leptin and cortisol levels with stress relieving ingredients.

After doing a bit more research, we found another advertisement for Reduze. This one claims 50% of the calories from food may be blocked when taking the supplement. The example shows a 772 calorie meal reduced to a mere 330 calories with Reduze. There is no way to block calories from being digested.

We could not find Reduze for sale in the United States, but we did find several eBay auctions from Singapore that had recently expired.

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  • Reduze may have some beneficial ingredients.
  • Clinical trials may support weight loss claims.


  • No official website for the supplement.
  • Only available in Singapore.
  • No ingredient list available on printed advertisements.
  • Claims are extraordinary.


There is no solid information on what the secret ingredients are in the Reduze supplement. We know what the product is supposed to do, but we have no idea why it is supposed to work that way. We would not trust Reduze.

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    I know you mentioned its only available in Singapore but can you buy it online? I dont live there anymore?


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    I want to buy but dont know where to buy I m from brunei interested to try


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    Your Name

    please update me how to purchase REDUZE


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    i got rashes after taking it, shd i just stop totally?