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The manufacturers of Removyl tell us that it is a weight loss supplement that has been formulated to break down the fats in your body and speed up your metabolism, thus stimulating weight loss. Removyl is made up of a number of herbs and essential oils, all of which are well known for their digestive and diuretic properties.


The ingredients in Removyl consist of: Rosemary, Sage, Caraway, Juniper, Coriander, Fennel, Cinnamon, Clove, Star Anise, Mint, Eucalyptus and Sweet Orange.

Product Features

Unfortunately there is no official website for Removyl, and it has been difficult to find out comprehensive information about this product. We could not find details regarding product pricing or the manufacturer’s return and customer service polices. We do know that the manufacturers advise that one Removyl tablet should be taken per day on an empty stomach. The manufacturers say that, due to the specific properties of the herbs and essential oils in this product, fats in the body will be broken down which will result in weight loss. However, the ingredients in Removyl are primarily herbs and essential oils that have traditionally been used to aid digestion and also for their diuretic properties. Working together, this formulation is claimed to help users digest food in a more efficient manner, allowing for weight loss.

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  • This product does not contain any stimulants or caffeine.
  • If you suffer from water retention this product may well help you.
  • If you suffer from digestive problems or flatulence, Removyl may well help you regulate your digestion.


  • There is hardly any information regarding Removyl on the internet, not even an official manufacturer’s website.
  • We could not find out the price for this product.
  • Given the lack of information immediately available, this product could be difficult to obtain.
  • The manufacturers do not provide any clinical information that shows us how this product actually works.


If, as well as wanting to lose weight, you also suffer from water retention or digestive problems then it might be worth giving this product a try. Likewise if you want a weight loss supplement that does not contain any stimulants or caffeine. However the problem is that if you do want to order it, you will most likely have as much difficulty as we did in finding out price details for this product and determining where it can be ordered from. We cannot really give an informed opinion on its weight loss properties and whether it may indeed be successful in helping you to achieve your weight loss goals, as there is simply a lack of information regarding Removyl on the web. Certainly we could not find any clinical studies regarding Removyl or the results of any controlled tests to show that Removyl will actually help you to achieve significant weight loss. We would suggest that if the manufacturers of this product want the public to know about and to order Removyl that they create an official website so that product information can be accessed by all, and also to assure potential users that the manufacturers stand behind their product.

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21 User Reviews about Removyl

  • 1
    Tamara Stern

    since the Ph## dosn’t work how do we ORDER this
    please contact


  • 2

    how much did you lose and would you recommend it?


  • 3

    please cancel any more product
    Do not ship anymore


  • 4
    Madeline Rocchio

    I was just wondering how long many pills come in a container, so i can see how long they will last me for.
    Thank you.



    I ordered 1 bottle of 30 caps. to try since they don’t do any guarantee and no refund.



    Can you supply me ordering details


  • 5

    i have been doing removyl for 1 week lost 8lbs and have had energy for once



    Please supply me ordering details – thank you


  • 6
    Lori Conard

    how does your program work and do you have to take pills and if so how many per day.and how long does it take to start to see results, and and how long does it take to receive this product.


  • 7

    were do i order this product removyl


  • 8
    Abby benning

    i was on here 2 c if anyone tried the product and got results??? i just got my order today and tha bottle says to drink @least ten large glasses of water each day so thats what im trying to do



    how did you do on this diet? i am wanting to try in a magazine…the website wasn’t professional…is it a fake?


  • 9

    I have hipotiroidismo can take removil?


  • 10

    I ordered the product about 3 weeks ago and have not received my order. I also tried to go to the website, not available. No info that it was down or anything.

    I then tried to email the company by email, address was on my order confirmation, and it was undeliverable. By this time I was feeling that I had been taken!

    Today I just received an email in reply to my email. The company informed me that my order was being processed. Unfortunately, I no longer wish to receive this product because of the lack of correspondence or product received.

    I am disapointed. I was looking forward to trying this product and having great results. If anyone has tried this product and is pleased with the results I would be glad to hear of their story, hopefully an honest, true blue success story.


  • 11
    sue atkins

    I placed an order a couple of weeks ago and have yet to get a confirmation that my order is ready to ship the order number is RM72953. Can someone help me check on this order? Thanks


  • 12

    I ordered removl from an ok magizine. I have not received it yet so right now I’m unable to give any information. I will keep everyone updated on how it works.


  • 13

    is this safe taking with prescribtion


  • 14

    how do i get your essential oils?


  • 15
    Angie McCubbins

    where can I purchase Removyl?



    Hi. I tried the online website and it is down but if you call 1-800-591-2577 you will reach someone. I just ordered the REMovyl Super Intensive for $75.00 total.



    Phone number doesn’t work.