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Res V MD is a dietary supplement which contains resveratrol. Resveratrol is an antioxidant that is found naturally the skin of a grape and remains in red wine after processing. The Res V MD makers say the use of resveratrol is linked to a reduced of risk to heart disease by lowering of the amount of bad cholesterol and preventing blood clots. Some research suggests resveratrol may help play a role in reducing the risk of diabetes and obesity. Different experts disagree as to the effectiveness of resveratol when taken in supplement form because to the limited amount attainable in most supplements. Others feel more research is necessary before the real benefits are known.

List Of Ingredients

Res V MD is an all-natural formula and includes the concentration of extracts from resveratrol.

Product Features

Plants such as red grapes contain the Resveratrol compound. Apparently, Bactreria or fungi attach the plant and create resveratrol. Resveratrol is a component of red wine, which many feel helps to protect people from cardiovascular problems and obesity. Research trials have suggested resveratrol might aid in weight loss by setting off the SIRT1 gene. The gene is thought to block the bodies ability to store fat cells. The makers of Res V MD believe setting off SIRT1 slows down this process and promotes the release of fat for energy. Resveratrol is suggested to help decrease fluctuations in blood sugar levels and reduce insulin resistance. Insulin resistance causes the body to not process sugars and starches which can lead to an increased appetite and improper storage of food leading to weight gain.

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  • Res V MD is created to help prevent age related illnesses.
  • Res V MD contains only one ingredient.
  • Res V MD is all natural.


  • Res V MD makes claims that have not been thoroughly studied.


Res V MD is an all natural supplement that contains only one ingredient, resveratrol. Research studies are not completed and have made some suggestions about effectiveness but are not conclusive as to the actual benefits of the antioxidants in pure form and no studies have been conducted on the formulas contained in supplements. Preliminary studies indicate a person will need to consume 1000 glasses of red wine each day to achieve an effective level of resveratrol. However, the Res V MD has provided a concentrated supply in a supplement pill form making in unnecessary to drink any wine for the antioxidant. People who consider taking Res V MD may wish to consult their health care provider before beginning the supplement.

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    Dorice DeCosey

    i just started using the product and i like it


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    Mary Wolf

    Attempting to Cancel membership to this club as the paperwork that I received with this order told me to now I can’t get ahold of them the phone # that they gave me was 1/866-267-0072. When I call this number I get a apartment search company. Please help Thanks ever so much. Mary