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ResV Pure is made by Nutra Pure Systems. This dietary supplement makes claims that it will supply the user with all the anti-aging and anti-obesity benefits of resveratrol. Resveratrol is a compound found in red wine and other plant products. Resveratrol is thought to be a natural contributor to heart healthy living.

List Of Ingredients

Although ResV Pure does not release their exact product ingredients it is known the supplement contains some amount of Resveratrol, Green Tea and Acai. Other possible ingredients are unknown.

Product Features

Resveratrol gained media attention over the past decade for the potential properties it has to help combat age related illnesses. Resveratrol is a compound found in red wine, Japanese knotwood, peanuts and some other plants, in particular red berries. These are through to help to fight aging, heart disease and obesity. It is unknown how much one has to consume in order to reap benefits from resveratrol. Some experts state the user would have to drink 1,000 bottles of red wine a day to get maximum benefits from resveratrol. Taking a supplement such as ResV Pure that contains resveratrol may be a more effective intake method. ResV Pure cites animal studies that suggest animals given the substance live up to a third longer and have a decrease in weight and increase in physical endurance. ResV Pure states increased physical endurance may improve mood since fatigue can harm a successful diet plan and can aid in completing an appropriate exercise program.

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  • Age related illnesses may be reduced through the use of ResV Pure.
  • ResV Pure has concentrated amounts of resveratrol and a person can ingest more than they can by drinking red wine.


  • The claims of ResV Pure have not been found to be conclusive.
  • Resveratrol supplements have additional ingredients and it is unknown how these may work together.


Weight loss experts state the supplement are most effective at weight loss when they are used in conjunction with lifestyle changes that include eating healthy foods in the correct amounts. The Green Tea in this formula is supposed to be another weight loss aid through boosting metabolism and converting calories to fuel rather than storing it as fat. Resveratrol is thought to have cardiovascular health benefits due to the lower rate of heart disease experienced by the French who take in red wine regularly. The manufacturer claims the concentrated resveratrol in ResV Pure delivers a much higher concentration of resveratrol than the diet can provide. People who are considering using ResV Pure may wish to discuss the dietary supplement with a health care professional.

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