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RUSH Fitness is a gym franchise located in the southern United States. With locations in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia, the number of dieters will access to a RUSH Fitness gym is limited. There are currently 23 locations, but the website claims the company is growing fast.

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RUSH Fitness does not immediately appear to be any different from other franchise gyms. The website could read Gold’s Gym and, aside from the name, the information would be the same. RUSH Fitness offers a 14 day trial and a virtual tour of a gym online so dieters can get a better look at what RUSH Fitness offers. In addition to regular gym memberships, there is a Kid’s Club and fitness coaching, again no different from other gyms. Typically, if a gym offers a Kid’s Club, the membership price will be increased or the gym member will be forced to pay for a separate membership to the kid safe area.

There is no real information on membership or how much it costs to join RUSH Fitness. There is mention of a $10 a month special, but the little star at the bottom of the offer says restriction apply. What those restrictions are the dieter will not know until they visit the gym to sign up. This alone can leave a dieter feeling bad as gym memberships are sort of like new or used car purchases; the sales people are slick and tricky.

The equipment listed for RUSH Fitness gyms is also quite typical. There is 40,000 square feet in the gym including a cardio theater, whirlpool, sauna, rock climbing and trampoline basketball. While some of these are unique, most of the space is taken up with elliptical trainers, treadmills, circuit weights and free weights. There are also more than 80 classes held per week.


  • Some of the activities at RUSH Fitness are unique.
  • Creative fitness tends to be more fun that traditional cardio and weight training.
  • One membership plan costs the dieter just $10 a month.


  • Dieters cannot learn more about prices at the gym without contacting the local RUSH Fitness or going into the gym.
  • The limited locations mean most dieters will not have access to a RUSH Fitness facility.
  • There is no mention about the cost of the Kid’s Club.


RUSH Fitness does look like it offers a few fun activities that could help the dieter stay dedicated to fitness. The Kid’s Club is another plus as parents can work out while children are having fun in the evenings or on weekends. The downside is that gym memberships, especially to a 40,000 square foot gym, tend to be a bit overpowering for some dieters.

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