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Satietrol is a weight loss supplement manufactured by Pacific Health Laboratories. Along the same vein as many competitor’s diet supplements, Satietrol aims to suppress the user’s appetite and assist with overall weight reduction. At this point, Pacific Health no longer offers this diet product and it seems to have been discontinued. It appears that Satietrol has been replaced with a new dietary supplement, which is now offered on the official Pacific Health website. This new offering is a fairly standard looking supplement shake called Satiatrim. As opposed to a capsule or pill, Satietrol was an actual shake beverage that was consumed in place of meals.

The major component that aided with weight loss in Satietrol is called Glycomacropeptide, which is a protein derived from milk. This substance basically initiated the release of a hormone called Cholecystokinin, which curbs appetite by causing a feeling of fullness for an extended time period. More specifically, Cholecystokinin extends or draws out the digestion process, and since the food/shake takes longer to be processed, the user feels full/satisfied for longer. This means less food has to be consumed, hence weight loss naturally occurs. Some clinical studies show that Cholecystokinin decreases hunger up to 35%, and most individuals lost nine pounds in a week’s time. A couple healthy components that were offered in Satietrol supplements are fiber and protein, which are both beneficial to the body. It appears that Satietrol sold for around $14 for container of 15 powdered shake packs.

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Satietrol was a diet product offered by Pacific Health, but it has now been replaced by a similar product called Satiatrim. This weight loss supplement endeavored to suppress hunger and promote “healthy” weight loss, since fewer calories were consumed overall. Satietrol developed the key ingredient Cholecystokinin, which curbs appetite by causing a feeling of fullness for an extended time period. It’s difficult to determine if any money-back or satisfaction guarantee was offered when Satietrol was sold. There are no success stories or testimonials presented on the official website at this time for Satietrol. Since the diet product has been discontinued, obviously no free trial samples are offered.

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  • Satietrol contained protein and fiber, which are generally beneficial to the human body.
  • This weight loss supplement was suitable for both women and men who desire assistance with fat reduction.
  • Satietrol used to be conveniently sold online.


  • Satietrol has been discontinued.
  • There are no before and after photos/success stories posted on the website supporting Satietrol.
  • A full list of product ingredients cannot be found for Satietrol supplements.
  • It’s undetermined whether or not this diet product was sold with a guarantee.
  • Certain ingredients found in Satietrol, such as soy or dairy substances, may cause allergic reactions in some users.


At this point Satietrol is not even an option for dieters. As previously stated, this diet supplement has been discontinued for reasons unknown. As far as its effectiveness goes, there were some studies addressed concerning Satietrol and how it led to an average of nine pounds lost in a week’s time. However, there really doesn’t appear to be any success stories or guarantees backing up this weight loss supplement. Individuals who are really interested in a product like Satietrol should probably check out the diet supplement called Satiatrim to attain more details.

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