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Endosphere has a new product and they think it is the next big breakthrough in weight loss surgery. The SatiSphere is a small device implanted in the duodenum. It slows down the progress of food out of the stomach, so dieters feel fuller, longer. In a small clinical trial, participants with the implant lost an average of 12-percent of their body weight. We have no idea how much weight the participants lost or how long the participant’s weight was measured. It is important to note that the SatiSphere cannot be implanted by anyone other than a licensed surgeon. The product is still in the clinical testing phase. It is not available as of Summer 2011.

List of Ingredients

Duodenum plug for weight loss.

Product Features

The duodenum holds a constant shape. The SatiSphere uses this constant shape as an anchor. The “plug” allows very little food to pass from the stomach into the intestines for digestion. This means the stomach stays full longer than it normally would. The dieter feels less hungry because food is physically trapped in the stomach. The product is in Phase I clinical trials as of Summer 2011. Further testing is needed before the SatiSphere is available to dieters.

There is very little information on the medical device, but there are already some medical concerns. If the device slips, can it plug the duodenum and stop digestion all together? What happens when the dieter reaches goal weight? Does the SatiSphere have to be removed?

As is the case with any medical device for weight loss, continued health care and costs are a huge concern. Some insurance companies will likely cover the cost of the SatiSphere and on-going care, but others will not cover the cost. The cost of medical care will depend on the patient and any complications that occur with implantation and continuing care. There are no estimates of how much weight a dieter can lose with the SatiSphere in place.

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  • Will cause the dieter to lose weight.
  • Could be a viable option for medical weight loss.


  • The cost of the SatiSphere will be more than traditional dieting.
  • Medical implantation and after-care could be too expensive for some dieters.
  • Not all insurance companies and/or plans will cover the cost.
  • There could be complications.
  • Only one clinical trial has been completed.
  • The trial included only 11 participants.


The SatiSphere is a viable alternative to gastric bypass surgery. The “plug” is allowed to rest in the duodenum, which likely means the unit could be removed if necessary. The cost is the only setback at this point, but there could be further complications that arise with large-scale clinical testing.

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