Sensa Reviews

Sensa, a product created by Alan Hirsch, has quickly become one of the most popular weight-loss supplement on the market. Sensa apparently works by enhancing the scent of foods and tricking the mind into believing that it is full, therefore triggering appetite suppression which in turn reduces the amount of calories you consume and promotes fast weight loss.

While the original ‘Sprinkle Diet’ worked out great for the company, they decided to come out with more products to supplement the original Sensa. There are currently 6 products in the Sensa line, all are geared to targeting something different to promote healthy weight loss. The original Sensa is sprinkled on to any food as if it were sugar or salt. You also have Sensa Slims which are individual use packets that are easy to keep on you in your purse or pocket.

Sensa also has a product designed specifically for men to target a “man’s sense of smell”. All of Sensa’s products seem to have a ‘for Men’ counterpart making one assume that Sensa in itself is a women’s weight-loss supplement. Like with any other supplement you should be aware of the side effects involved in taking them.

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