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Serotrim is a weight loss program that is suitable for both women and men. This diet was created by one Dr. Judith Wurtman along with Dr. Richard Wurtman. As opposed to capsules or pills, this plan involves “carbohydrate-rich beverages” that aim to suppress the user’s appetite. These are intended to be consumed along with a controlled eating plan. While women may consume a total of 1400 calories per day, men can have up to 1800. These are the basic parameters for many Low Calorie Diets. Ideally, users will drop 1-3 pounds each week. Serotrim is supposed to boost mental alertness and increase serotonin levels in the brain, which reduces cravings. This program is sold via big vendor sites like and A price is not given.

Unlike many weight loss programs, Serotrim is stated to be “drug-free and caffeine-free.” Essentially Serotrim lasts for 12 weeks and incorporates appetite-control drinks to supplement other foods. This is claimed to reduce the user’s body fat by simply minimizing calorie intake. Regular exercise is recommended on the official website to be incorporated with Serotrim supplement beverages. The website additionally reveals the “eating plan” that’s recommended with Serotrim. The key ingredient found in this diet drink is “healthy carbohydrates” that provide energy and a feeling of fullness. There are general health and lifestyle tips provided on the website, along with a convenient 1-800 number.

List of Ingredients

Not available on the official website.

Product Features

Serotrim is a 12-week weight reduction system that is geared toward both men and women. Involved with this diet program are carbohydrate-rich beverages and a specific “portion-controlled” eating plan. Although clinical studies are not posted on the website, fitness tips and recipes are. There do not appear to be any success stories or before/after photos posted on the official website. However, there is a convenient web app available to anyone, which allows users to ask questions about the Serotrim weight loss program.

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  • Serotrim is caffeine and drug-free.
  • There is a handy question tool offered on the official Serotrim website.
  • A 1-800 number is offered.
  • A specific caloric-intake is assigned for men and women, which will be very helpful for calorie counting.


  • There are no success stories posted for Serotrim.
  • An actual price is not given for Serotrim, which may mean that this weight loss program is pretty expensive.
  • Serotrim cannot be easily acquired through the website.
  • Some dieters may be allergic to certain ingredients found in Serotrim beverages.
  • A complete satisfaction guarantee is not addressed on the website.
  • Serotrim places great emphasis on portion control, which could leave some feeling hungry.


Overall, Serotrim is a much more involved weight loss plan than most others. Not only do users have to consume daily beverages, but they additionally have to consume certain foods and calorie portions each day. While this dieting system may be effective for some men and women, Serotrim may be a tad too involved for dieters who prefer a simple capsule or weight loss pill that suppresses hunger and burns fat. Be sure to speak with a licensed physician before starting a weight reduction program such as Serotrim.

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    Sharon Waitsman

    Hi I have used Serotrim before and found it to be successful. I could not find the product on either sight mentioned in the review. I would like to purchase it again but I don’t have a number or web sight. Could you please provide me with information where I can purchase Serotrim. Sincerely Sharon


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