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Sleeve gastrectomy is a form of surgical weight loss. During this weight loss procedure, the human stomach is reduced in size by 85%. The reduction is caused by the removal of a portion of the stomach that is later bound to create the new, smaller stomach pouch. This form of weight loss surgery is performed using laparoscopic surgery and is a method of weight loss surgery that is not reversible. The term “sleeve” refers to the new look of the stomach pouch. The new pouch is shaped like a banana or the sleeve of a long sleeved shirt.

The sleeve gastrectomy is often the first step in a two part process. When patients are too obese to safely have a gastric bypass procedure or a duodenal switch, the sleeve gastrectomy is performed to reduce the patient’s overall body mass index before the second procedure can be performed. The patient will lose weight and when the weight loss ceases, doctors can go in and perform the gastric bypass on the new pouch.


Several things have to come into play in order for a patient to be deemed ready for a sleeve gastrectomy. The procedure is reserved for patients who present with a body mass index, or BMI, of 40 or above. These patients are most often deemed obese beyond the range of other weight loss surgeries or techniques and need to lose a large amount of weight before they can undergo a more traditional gastric bypass or duodenal switch.

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During the sleeve gastrectomy, the patient will undergo an 85% reduction in stomach volume. This reduction is caused by the stapling and removal of the majority of the stomach. Unlike a gastric bypass, the weight loss after surgery is due to the reduction in stomach size and not the bypassing of a large portion of the intestine. The volume limit for the stomach pouch after the sleeve gastrectomy will range from one ounce to five ounces.

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  • Provides patients who do not qualify for other forms of weight loss surgery an option for losing weight.
  • Is performed laparoscopically, significantly reducing the changes of infection.
  • Provides patients with the option to have a full gastric bypass after significant weight is lost.
  • Provides a stand alone weight loss option for patients who want to reduce the risk of complications surrounding gastric bypass.


  • If overeating continues, the sleeve will expand and the patient may gain back any weight lost.
  • The procedure is not reversible.
  • Patients with higher BMI may need a second surgery to continue losing weight.
  • Leaking of the stapled area of the stomach may occur leading to harmful internal damage.


For patients who are severely obese and left with the option to lose weight or die, this procedure offers a safer alternative to gastric bypass, gastric banding or other form of weight loss surgery. Unfortunately, the possibility of weight regain, leaky staples and the fact that the procedure cannot be reversed need to be well thought out before considering a surgery of this magnitude. Some insurance companies maintain this surgery on their investigational list, and therefore will not pay for the surgery or may require a higher co-pay amount.

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  • 1

    I am in the same situation band not doing anything except making me vomit and have a very sore esophagus. Surgeon wants to take band out and do sleeve. I have such mixed emotions, let me know if u receive any good info. Good luck


  • 2

    Hi What was your weight before surgery thank you


  • 3

    i am considering the gastric sleeve could anyone who has had this done please email me at



    I had the gastric sleeve surgery in Nov. 2012. I’m 9 months out. I have lost a total of 65 pounds. The weight loss has been a struggle, even with the surgery. A friend loss more quickly than I did. While I was losing on a regular basis there were some weeks inbetween in which I lost and gained the same two pounds over and over. I had to tell myself this wasn’t the “easy” way out and had to be as discipline as needed on any diet in order to lose weigt. Be mindful, it is a tool not a quick fix. But I don’t regret the surgery and would recommend anyone that is thinking about this surgery to have it done. There are advantages to this surgery over the other weight loss surgeries out there. Pain was very low and receovery was very quick. Was up and walking hours after and back to work 3 weeks later. Probably could have gone back sooner. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Good luck in your decision and in your journey.


  • 4

    I’m contemplating revising to the Sleeve after the Band didn’t produce the result and of course concerned. Also wondering if I shouldn’t go all out and have the bypass, but am concerned w the health concerns surrounding malabsorption. Any thoughts? Appreciated!


  • 5

    I am a 31 year old female and I had the sleeve done April 11, 2012. I do not regret the procedure but I still have problems eating food that my body agrees with! I crave steak a lot and wonder if that’s a good thing at times. I feel that the sleeve was a great decision that I mad and would recommend it to someone who needs it.



    Hi Vanisha.I am looking to do for Laproscopic Sleeve Surgery next month.Since u have already undergone with this , i have few queries to resolve:
    1. Do skin sag after weight loss.
    2. I am 26 year old and weight 125 Kg.How much weight loss i can expect?
    3. Are their chances of any weight regain once we start having our normal diet.
    Looking to get a quick response.Your help is deeply appreciated.



    I had the sleeve done in March 2010 and the best thing i ever did , eating to begin with was slow and fluids with mushy food, Is till cannot eat too much otherwise it is unconmfortable and i lost 80lbs and kept it off. I cannot drinl fluids after eating for about an hour



    Hi Sally,had the Sleeve done on March 2011, gained a new life. Gained my perfect weight in 11months, ie lost 62 kgs. Have lost 3kgs more in the following year.Recently not exercising regularly so gained inches in abdomen, trying to lose it. Have developed peripheral nerve problems & hairfall.Cannot drink fluids so intake of water is very low which i guess is bad. How are you faring in these areas? any vitamin deficiency probs? PLS REPLY.

  • 6

    I’m starting the process of getting the sleeve and I’m super excited! I can’t WAIT to get thinner, to feel lighter, to be able to fit on all the rides at the amusement park, to no longer be judged based off my size. OH it’s going to be liberating!! I’m 5-9 ft, 312 lbs, 33 years old. I fully expect to have loose skin, I’m okay with that. I fully expect there to be a transitional period where I have to re-train myself not to binge eat, I’m okay with that. What I’m wondering, is how much weight I should expect to loose. Everybody’s different but I don’t want to use this surgery as the first step to gastric, I don’t want any additional surgeries. Anyone else in that situation? btw, also, from reading some of these comments… if you’re REALLY scared about getting the surgery, don’t do it. you’re only setting yourself up for failure. I can’t imagine all the hoops I’ve had to jump through in order to qualify that they’d let someone get the surgery who’s scared.



    The sleeve has been amazing. Most people lose 100-150 lbs with the sleeve.I am very happy with my weight loss. The only side effect I have is reflux and thankfully Prilosec keeps it at bay. Everything else has been great and I’m so pleased with it. The hunger hormone is reduced with the removal of the fundus during surgery. The fundus is the stretchy part of the stomach that has grehlin. I hope it’s everything you want it to be.


  • 7
    Rhonda Maples

    I am about to have the surgery and I am realy unsure if this is what I want to do. I dont know what to expect and would love to chat with someone about this can someone please e-mail me that has had this surgery.


    Rose Howard

    How did your surgery go? I am having it in November and hoping to find someone who has had it done.


  • 8

    i am getting ready to have the sleeve done in a week, and i am scared to death would like to talk to someone about their experience


  • 9

    Hi am thinking of doing the gastric sleeve. I made the tests needed and supposedly I’ll take the results tomorrow. am 31 years old, Female with BMI 31. i weight 85 kilos and my height is 168 cm. am depressed from how much i gain weight each day and am not willing to stay till i get bigger, yet am very very scared from the pain and from when will i be able to deal with life normally as i have 2 kids and i don’t want to sit around them feeling useless!!! plz advise



    Hi Mayada i am at your age have u done the sleeve if so what is your experince


  • 10

    At serial 7 i asked an advise.Plz advise me because after loosing 22kg weight i ve gained 4 kg,


  • 11

    i want to get the sleeve but i have been attach to the big person i am..and people are so negative about the surgery..and claim that there will be loose skin i just want to know how to prevent that..then i ponder people always tell me you are so pretty to be a big girl!so i get scared and say will i still have the same pretty face or will i look like a person that you can tell that has had weightloss surgery


  • 12

    I am 50 years old male and was operated for sleeve Gastrectomy.I ve lost only 22 kg .I used to atteng gym regularly but since last 3 months not going to gym.i m absolutely fit and ve no problem at all.taking limited food quantity in breakfast and dinner.In between i take fruits,almonds or plain waist has come from 43 inches to 38 inches.Want to reduce 12 kg more.Please advise.Thanks


  • 13

    I am 50 years old male and on 4 august 2009 i had sleeve gastrectomy.since last one year i ve lost only 22 kg.I m attending reguar gym also but since last 5 months stopped loosing weight.I want to loose 10 kg more.Plz advise.


  • 14

    i want to get the sleeve but i need to no more about it is it like the bypass i have the lap band now for 4 years and now im at a stand still i have not lost no weight in a year and i need to lose about 50 or 60 more pounds so can some 1 let me no if you think its ok to do it.


  • 15

    I am 31 and weigh 260 pounds and have convinced myself to get the sleeve done. I have gone through all the preliminary steps and am now having trouble getting emotionally and psychologically ready to get this done. I guess my biggest fear is saying goodbye to my emotional attachment to my friend food. Yet I’m ready to regain my life, health and become happier. Any advice is totally welcomed.
    P.S. i just joined overeaters anonymous and am hoping that might help.


  • 16

    i am 245 5,3 am afraid of the loose sjin.i am afraid that sleeve gastrectomy wont work on me. i am having mny surgery on agust 24th 2010.i am so confuse



    I had the surgery on April the 2nd. Since then I have lost 45 pounds. It is the best thing I ever did for myself. I recommend it to anyone. I workout with weights and I’m building muscle. No loose skin, yet. We’ll see. Good luck!



    I had the sleeve proceedure Oct’08 and it is by far the greatest thing I have ever done for myself. Before 5’5″ 285 now 175. Eating will be a little difficult at first but it does get easier. Don’t over eat or it will be uncomfortable. Eat healthy and things will be fantastic.


    Lisa weaver

    How are you doing now? i am looking at the same thing in ABOUT a MONTH AND I AM REALLY SCARED.


  • 17

    I’m a 42 year old female with medical issues considering the lapband and the Dr. requested I researched the the sleeve. I’m not sure. My health is first and foremost but I’m afraid of rapid weight loss and skin issues. I was leaning for the lapband because of the slower and the weight loss and less posibilty of loose skin. Does the sleeve weight loss cause the excessive haning sking that can be painful and require expensive cosmetic surgery?



    I am planning on doing the sleeve gastrectomy- You will have lose skin no matter what. Depending on your age and how long you have been obese. I am 40 and a good honest look at my body tells me that no matter what I will have some lose skin. I have seen a dermatologist and plastic surgeon prior to planning for surgery and both agree that the skin will shrink as much as it can no matter how fast you lost the weight but overall once we are obese for a long period of time the skin only has so much elasticity and once it is damaged only surgery will remove the excess skin. I have a choice- Do I want stretched skin full of fat or do I want to lose weight and wear clothing that can cover any excess skin and opt for plastic surgery in the future to remove fat and skin. I hope this helps. None of this is easy but it is a serious decision but the obesity is serious- I weight 297 now. Good luck.



    Hello. I just had this procedure two days ago. I am looking for a person to converse with about what is happening with me now. Would you be willing to visit with me



    Hi Terri,

    Would love to communicate about the procedure. Please email me. Thanks.


    hi terri, i just had sleeve gastrectomy 5 days ago i would love to compare notes with you..please contact me thru mu email add thanks




    I am a lower bmi and will be recieveing the Gastric sleeve on friday.. Can I talk to you about your outcome> ?? Im nervous and hoping its not a scam..


    Hi, I am getting the sleeve done in a month, I just recieved all the “post op” instructions, and I am getting really nervous about what I am about to do… how are you doing now, and do you have any regrets




  • 18

    I am a 66 year old female and in good health, except for raised blood pressure and sleep apnea. I am considering this surgery. I weigh 225 and am 5′ 1″. I recently lost 50 lbs. using Medifast but am bored and really sick of the food now. Your advice, please. Thanks!



    Could someone tell me of the vitamins required after surgery