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Can a dieter lose weight and transform their body in 6 weeks? International fitness expert Debbie Siebers thinks so. Building off of the success of Slim in 6, Siebers created Slim Series. This six disc collection features low, medium and high intensity exercise routines designed to transform the body.

The Slim Series guarantees results or your money back. Scientific research tells us in order to transform your body and loss the extra pounds, one needs more than just exercise routines.

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DVD series featuring exercises designed

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The Slim Series is a collection of exercise DVD’s from world renowned fitness expert Debbie Siebers. The series features exercises designed to work every major muscle group as well provide a complete cardiovascular workout. Each workout ranges from 58 to 78 minutes. The Slim Series is extremely time consuming.

Similar to the Slim in 6 video series, the Slim Series focuses on exercises designed for all body types and all sizes. We found that not all of the exercises in the Slim Series are functional for everyone. A beginner with an excessive amount of weight to lose could potentially find the exercises challenging and thus be deterred from using the Slim Series. We also found the Slim Series a bit repetitive. Repetition is good in some circumstances, but being overly repetitive causes boredom.

The Slim Series is relatively inexpensive compared to similar exercise routines. Spending $60 for a set of exercise DVD’s is reasonable considering the dieter also receives a diet plan. Optional equipment needed are resistance bands and dumbbells. The complete Slim Series is available on the official website as well as third party ecommerce retailers.

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  • Online testimonials.
  • Available on the official website.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Diet plan included.
  • Videos range from beginner to advanced.


  • Time consuming.
  • Repetitive actions.
  • Guarantees results in 6 weeks.
  • Not supported by scientific research.


The Slim Series is an effective means to build off of the success of the Slim in 6 exercise program. Debbie Siebers crafts a system designed to take individual results to the next level of fitness. The six discs focus on toning, shaping and firming the body through the use of resistance bands and light free weights. Included with the Slim Series is a slimming guide meant to assist individuals eat in a manner that corresponds to the exercise routines.

What we found is the Slim Series does not offer scientific research supporting the claims of weight loss in six weeks. A simple change in diet without exercise causes the body to loss a minimal amount of weight. Dieters will benefit more from clinical trials regarding the product more than just a simple money back guarantee.

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