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If you have access to the Internet, then you certainly will not have any trouble finding a weight loss product. Then again, what you really need is to find a weight loss product that works, and is safe to use. Therefore not just any old capsule formula will do. In this review, we are going to take a good look at one option for weight reduction, which is SlimBurst capsules. This product was designed by Dean Tornabene, and was formulated as one part of a three-part system for weight loss. The other two supplements are Coco Trim and CST Boost. As for SlimBurst, this product is available online for around $30, but is not offered with a satisfaction guarantee or refund option.


    Not available.

Product Features

SlimBurst is claimed to aid with weight reduction in two different ways. First of all, this formula is supposed to boost your metabolism so you are able to burn away more calories. It also heightens energy levels, which assist you with your daily routine, as well as exercising. With an improved metabolism, your body will burn off more fat and calories, even when you are at rest. SlimBurst is also said to help with “core cooling.” This is a process that encourages a “stubborn metabolism.”

Unfortunately there are no specific ingredients mentioned for SlimBurst. Although this supplement does contain a Thermo Lipo Control blend, the active ingredients used in this blend are not mentioned. In other words, this formula could potentially contain Ephedrine or Ephedra, which is harmful, and can lead to serious side effects. It is always important to know what ingredients are used in a diet product, or any supplement, before you begin taking it.

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  • Like other diet products, SlimBurst comes in a simple capsule form.
  • Some online distributors offer this product, and no prescription is needed.


  • No refund guarantee is mentioned for this weight loss pill.
  • There is no official website found for this diet product.
  • A complete list of ingredients is not posted online for SlimBurst.
  • Although a “Thermo Lipo Control” blend is mentioned for this supplement, the active ingredients are not disclosed.
  • This formula does not suppress hunger.


When all is said and done, we cannot recommend SlimBurst for weight loss. First of all, there is no official website found for this diet product. Secondly, the active ingredients used in this supplement are not disclosed, which may raise a few eyebrows. After all, Ephedra or Ephedrine could be found in SlimBurst, and this would make the diet pill unsafe. Furthermore, this product is not offered with a refund guarantee, and very minimal information is provided on it overall.

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