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A lot of people invest good money in weight loss supplements and diet programs. In fact, there are currently hundreds of diet programs out there all claiming to have the secrets to being slim and sexy. On the Internet alone you’ll find myriads of diet programs aimed at effective weight loss. The Slimfit Diet Program is one of these. Created by a guy named Derek Kuryliw, the Slimfit Diet program claims to offer a unique approach to dieting and fitness. Kuryliw, according to their website is a sports nutritionist based in Florida. In our opinion though, a bit more information about the founder would have added more credibility to his name. But unfortunately, this same scenario applies to most of the website. The site says that Slimfit is a revolutionary program which can transform both a person’s body and mind, improve overall health and appearance and increase total energy. The problem however is that nowhere in the site can one find exactly how the program plans to do these things. Further exploration into their site shows a bevy of videos on weight loss tips and tricks as well as a list of the program’s promises and claimed benefits. One of the benefits includes losing around 15 to 20 pounds within just the first month of trial. They also mention that participants need only to diet for 5 days a week with specific cheat days in between. The manufacturers have also included a list of other products which they say are exclusive to the Slimfit product line. These are Trim Fit, Hunger Strike and PROfit. The three products are said to minimize food cravings, improve metabolism and remove unwanted fat and other elements from the body. Enrollment in the Slimfit Diet Programs starts at $99.


Other webpages mention that the Slimfit programs uses a combination of exercise, diet and supplementation to help clients shed pounds. They say that the key is based on the personally tailored diet plan that will accelerate one’s metabolism in order to burn fat. In addition to this, the Slimfit diet program offers online counseling, Q&A sessions with fellow dieters , as well as diet tips from founder Kuryliw.

Product Features

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  • Claims of increased metabolism and overall good health
  • Testimonials from supposed clients and customers
  • Info from their blog, Facebook and various online support sites


  • Lack of sufficient information for potential clients
  • Vague and usual benefit promises
  • Needs more info about its founder
  • Expensive


When looking out for a specific diet plan or fitness program, we strongly suggest requesting for specific details on how they plan to deliver on their promises. The Slimfit diet program offers pretty enticing results, but the lack of concrete information should make you consider checking out other programs too for comparison first.

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  • 1

    No good result has been found..


  • 2

    I want to loss about 20 kg…is it possible


  • 3

    Why product ane ke bad apka ph nai lagta? Kuch fruod hai kya?


  • 4

    I have seen the review of slim fit I don’t know how to believe,


  • 5
    Suvidha Mittal

    Fraud ! Fraud ! Fraud ! This medicine is really not realible .
    Never ever think of taking it as it does not reduces your but helps in gaining it . I have taken it for 15 days but didn’t lost any weight and I gained 5 kgs . They claims that the medicine will reduce your 5 kg weight that is not so . It’s one bottle is of 1500 rs . According to there terms and conditions they say that if not satisfied they will take it back in 30 days and if we call them to return the medicine they do not return it .
    Fraud ! Fraud ! Fraud !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Hey hiii….es slim fit plus se weigh t gain hota hai kya


  • 6

    Its really work or not.I have thyroid can I use many bottles cam I use for loss10kgs.
    Its not weightloss syrup ha.tell me any one please.


  • 7

    weight lose na ho to money back h kya?


  • 8



  • 9

    Not at all worth n about money back gurantee is also false commitment by the company..
    After three months send the product back coz not even single inch loss n til now after so many calls make to the company not refund my money back..everytime they promise today tomorw etc etc


  • 10

    I gained weight instead of losing. I tried two different times. And both the time I gained 2 to 3kgs more. And after second time I had bloating sensation for a month.


  • 11
    shaheen sayyed

    I m worried about the side is expensive too.I would like try.. Does it works on inch loss..does it shapeup body..???


  • 12

    This syrup is not that effective, about which i heard and tried with such enthusiasm. I used it for two bottles but felt sad.please give your sujetions in this regard for good cause that you are doing for people dispite money motive i guess. Anyways..all good wishes for years to come.


  • 13

    I have a small doubt that it was sure or not to lose my weight about 10 kgs. If iam not getting any result after use this product then wt will i do. How can i get my money back…….
    Plz tell me



    Not at all worth n np money back from company



    Plzz dont buy dis medicne..not atall effective n company is fraud


    Your Name

    hi hw long did u try it for. wat r d side effects


  • 14

    What are the side effects? Will it effect if I am taking medicines related to PCO? Does it affect in the later period to concept?


  • 15

    I have ordered 1 bottle of slimfit plus syrup last saturday. It has not come yet.


  • 16

    I have a thyroid problem thats why i gain my weight very much. Slimfit+is safe for me. There is any side effect .


  • 17

    My wieght is 73. I want reduce it. i feed my baby milk. She is 1 yr old. Is it work or not. ? Whats price is of ur product? if i will not satitsfied then?
    Is there any side difect in it?



    Ihis company slimfit india banglore fraud company..instead of loose weight o gain n when i ask about my refund money as per their commitment..eveeyday dey are making excuses from four months…dont buy slimfit..dis is not worth at all n company is cheating to public


  • 18

    It really effective hai


  • 19
    Fabiola Romero

    Ordered product paid for it but never got it. I called and called but never got a call back or anything. I can’t believe that is the way they do business


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