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What You Should Know

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Slimina is not a weight loss supplement, it is a cleanser to detox supplement. The ingredients have no impact on appetite or metabolism and they will not jumpstart the scale to read all new lows. What the ingredients will do is cause the dieter to eliminate waste more quickly leading to frequent trips to the bathroom and possible cramping and diarrhea. Dieters should never take a laxative supplement to promote weight loss. Laxatives are for occasional use if the dieter is suffering from constipation.

List of Ingredients


  • Perilla Leaf Extract
  • Oriental Water Plantain Rhizome Extract
  • Tuckahoe Extract
  • Cassia Seed Extract

Product Features

Tuckahoe and cassia seed are commonly used in cleansing supplements to reduce constipation and increase waste output. Basically, these ingredients are laxatives, the last thing a dieter wants to consume for weight loss. There are no thermogenic properties to laxatives, but they can cause some serious side effects with long-term use. When waste is prematurely pushed out of the intestines, enough time is not left for vitamins, minerals and nutrients to be absorbed into the body. The laxatives also cause laziness of the intestinal muscles making it harder to move waste without help from a natural laxative.

There are major concerns associated with Slimina. Considering the supplement is a laxative, we believe the message relating to weight loss is a bit misleading, especially toward the average dieters looking to shed the extra pounds. There should be a clear message that using a laxative to lose weight has potential dangerous side effects and is counter-productive to healthy weight loss. If there were clinical trials or scientific research associated with Slimina, then possibly dieters could stand behind the product. Unfortunately, there is no information relating to the effectiveness.

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  • Ingredients in Slimina are listed online.
  • Dieters can purchase the supplement on the official website.


  • Slimina contains laxative ingredients.
  • Could cause diarrhea and cramping.
  • Could cause dehydration.
  • There is no guarantee of weight loss.
  • There are no clinical trials or scientific research associated with the supplement.


When it comes to choosing a safe and effective weight loss supplement the ingredient list is the best place to start. If the ingredients have any negative side effects, dieters should be extremely wary. Negative side effects of Slimina may include diarrhea and water loss. Over time, the body could grow accustomed to faster, smoother waste movement leaving the dieter with a chronic constipation problem. In order to maximize weight loss, dieters need to steer clear of laxatives and simply change eating habits, incorporate exercise and take the correct supplements on a daily basis.

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