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The market on electro-stimulation belts was hot for a while. Commercials for the products claimed dieters could strap on the belts and slim down abdominal to reveal six-pack abs. Soon, the units were used on other parts of the body to tone and grow muscles, or so the marketing pushes stated. What we know and what marketing companies tell dieters are two different things. Electro-stimulation belts like the Slimming Massage Belt has no effect on slimming the midsection. They will stimulate the muscle to contract, which could help tone muscles, but if the dieter needs to lose fat around the abdominals, a Slimming Massage Belt will not help achieve that goal.

List of Ingredients

Slimming Massage Belt with electro-stimulation.

Product Features

Grab your slimming belt and your morning coffee and complete your workout from the comfort of your easy chair. That is what the creators of the Slimming Massage Belt would like dieters to believe. The Slimming Massage Belt may stimulate muscles, but it does not increase heart rate or replace cardio exercise. It is important to physically move muscles to lose weight, but there are benefits from an electro-stimulation belt.

Many professional athletes or fitness gurus use electro-stimulation to relieve muscle pain and decrease the time it takes to recovery between workouts or events. The gentle electrical stimulation helps disperse lactic acid so the muscle is not as sore. The Slimming Massage Belt can be used anywhere the belt can wrap around. This includes the back, legs, arms and chest.

Electricity is used to stimulate muscles so dieters with a pacemaker should not try to use an electro-stimulation belt. There are hundreds of varieties of this product on the market and most sell for more than $100. The Slimming Massage Belt sells for $54. We could only find the product for sale from DinoDirect. This could mean the manufacturer, Vibra Sauna, no longer sells the product.

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  • May help muscles recover faster between workouts.
  • May tone muscles when used regularly.
  • Cheaper than comparable electro-stimulation belts.
  • Works on multiple areas of the body.


  • Slimming Massage Belt is not sold through a popular retailer or the manufacturer.
  • There are several products with the same name.
  • The belt will not increase metabolism or slim the area.


From the time Bruce Lee covered his chest with electro-stimulation pads in Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, people have been interested in the technology of products like the Slimming Massage Belt. Dieters are often disappointed that the belts have no effect on weight loss and they do not slim anything. Weight loss is required to reduce fat stores and show off the abdominal muscles. Anyone can use the units to reduce muscle pain, but the belt may not stretch to fit every waist.

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