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What You Should Know

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Sole Pads are patches worn on the bottom of the foot to detox the body. Most foot patches include starch, mushrooms and sugar. According to the official website for Sole Pads, none of these filling ingredients are used with their natural product. There are very few ingredients in Sole Pads, but they are common ingredients used in many foot detox patches. Just because the company has taken out the fillers does not mean they changed the remaining ingredients.

List of Ingredients

Tourmaline, bamboo vinegar and eleutherococcus senticosus. Other ingredients may include achyranthis root, red peony root, Artemisia iwayomogi, peashrub and balloon flower.

Product Features

Detox foot patches like Sole Pads, have been studied, researched and studied some more. The patches do not work to detox the body in any way. The ingredients create a visual effect that may fool users into believing the formula is pulling dark colored waste through the sole of the foot.

The ingredient list is shorter than competitor lists. If the original ingredients worked better at detoxing the body, the change may be negative, but neither the original nor the shorten list works to effectively pull anything out of the body. There is a possibility that all ingredients are not listed. The website states the Sole Pads include ingredients “like” bamboo vinegar and eleutherococcus senticosus. Below this statement is a list of ingredients that could be the complete list, but it is not marked as such.

Tourmaline is a metal ground into powder and added to every foot patch we have reviewed. There is no clinical reason or support for the detox power of tourmaline. Bamboo vinegar is created with bamboo is burned into charcoal. The vinegar is all natural, but is no proven to detox. Eleutherococcus senticosus is an anti-inflammatory herb that comes with a long list of potential side effects. Side effects include reduction in blood pressure, increase in antibiotic effect on the body and anti-depressant qualities. Patients taking prescription medication of any sort may want to talk with the prescribing physician before using the Sole Pads foot patch.

Sole Pads retail for $21.95 for 10 pads and $49.95 for 30 pads.

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  • Information was easy to find online.
  • Products can be ordered from the official website.


  • Prices are higher than other detox foot pads.
  • None of the ingredients are proven to detox the body.
  • All ingredients may not be listed online.


Detox foot patches are hugely popular because they change from white to brown or black making the user believe toxins are being pulled from the body. There is no clinical evidence to support the claims of any foot patches including Sole Pads. Dieters will see no increased weight loss from using Sole Pads.

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