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The Sprinkle Diet is another name for the Sensa diet plan. Sensa is a powdered dietary aid that claims to curb hunger when sprinkled on food. The powder does not have any taste and can thus be used as part of the Sprinkle Diet in conjunction with both savory and sweet meals and snacks. According to information on the Sprinkle Diet official website, studies have shown people who use Sensa lose more weight than those who do not.

List of Ingredients

Maltodextrin, Tricalcium Phosphate, Silica, Natural and Artificial Flavors.

Product Features

The Sprinkle Diet system is based on six, one month formulas that curb appetite. Sensa is formulated for use on all foods and should be sprinkled on every meal in order to continue weight loss. At the end of the six month rotating period, users can choose to start over at month one in order to continue losing weight.

The ingredients listed in Sensa do not contain fat burners or metabolism boosting agents. The sole means of appetite suppression is based on smell. According to the creators of Sensa, the Sprinkle Diet helps the brain to signal being full sooner and thus the users tend to eat less food when Sensa is sprinkled on meals. The plan includes a full size shaker of Sensa for home use and a smaller container that can be carried with you to work or restaurants with ease.

The website includes testimonials from users who have lost weight using the Sprinkle Diet. These testimonials include before and after photos. The studies listed on the website have been completed by Dr. Alan Hirsch who is also the creator of Sensa and are thus biased. The Sprinkle Diet costs $235.00 for a six month supply and can be purchased on an auto-ship program for people who have a lot of weight to lose.

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  • The ingredient list is offered online.
  • The cost of the plan is comparable to other weight loss supplements over the six month period.
  • Testimonials include before and after photos.


  • Studies were completed by the creator of the Sensa Diet.
  • No outside studies have been completed to verify the initial results.
  • Six months is a long time to continue using a weight loss product.


There are testimonials supporting the use of Sensa or the Sprinkle Diet to lose more weight. These testimonials, however, are not supported with scientific studies backing the results. While the Sprinkle Diet cost is comparable to other programs, the user will essentially be paying about $40.00 per month to lose just five pounds as the average weight loss over six months is 30 pounds.

To increase metabolism, there are proven weight loss supplements with ingredients to boost fat burn. These ingredients are backed with third party research studies.

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    Florence Adama Gbaya

    I rate it excellent. My cousin tried it and it worked. How do I make an order of the Sprinkle Diet (Sensa)?


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    I would like to try it have never used it befor i know someone who has.interested in a free trial


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    cindy frazier

    what is the cost of this product?i am on disability and low income,so i need to know what is will cost me .