Stamina Bioflex 2200 Review

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Stamina has created an international brand by selling high quality, top of the line products, including exercise bikes, elliptical, strength systems and other fitness equipment. The company is behind some of the most marketable products in the fitness world, selling products by Suzanne Somers, Brenda DyGraf and Tony Little. The mission of the company is to develop products that are better and more innovative than the competition.

A product that stands out is the Stamina Bioflex 2200. The product is a cost effective alternative to the Bowflex. Selling for $1,000 less than the Bowflex, is Stamina Bioflex 2200 really worth it?

List of Ingredients

Home gym featuring resistance bands and free-flowing arms for greater range of motion.

Product Features

The Stamina Bioflex 2200 is a home gym featuring resistance bands instead of traditional free weight. The intricate pulley system allows user to perform exercises in a true to form range of motion. Users can perform exercises such as chest press, squat, bicep curl, tricep extension, leg extension, leg curl and lat pulldown.

Although we like the Stamina Bioflex 2200, one cause for concern was the lack of a recommend weight for individual users. This is essential as to not injury an individual who may be heavier than average. Another essential component missing from the Stamina Bioflex 2200 is a exercise guide or a diet plan. On the surface the Stamina Bioflex 2200 could potentially be intimidating to the novice weight trainer.

The space saving design is great. The required space needed is only 4 feet by 3 feet. In the event a dieter wanted to move the Stamina Bioflex 2200 out of a room, the product requires disassembly. Also moving the Stamina Bioflex 2200, requires tilting the unit backward onto the wheels. Not every user has the ability to move a product in such a manner without dropping it on them.

Dieters looking for an alternative to the Bowflex will love the price tag of $700. Although the price is lower, the Bowflex offers more upgrades and exercises. A dieter may want more for their money.

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  • More workout options than free weights.
  • Inexpensive compared to similar models.
  • Compact design.


  • No upgrades available.
  • No indication of weight requirements.
  • No indication of resistance options.


We like the Stamina Bioflex 2200. The compact design is ideal for a small room or office setting. The recommended space requirement is only 4 feet by 3 feet. The attached wheels allow the user to maneuver the Stamina Bioflex 2200 freely around a room. The issue we found was even though the wheels are a selling point, moving the product involves tilting it backward. At 131 lbs. not every person has the ability to hold the product.

For the dieter looking for a cost effective alternative to the Bowflex, the Stamina Bioflex 2200 is the answer. The Bowflex starts at $1,500, while the Stamina Bioflex 2200 costs $700. The main difference is the Bowflex offers upgrades and attachments, while the Stamina Bioflex 2200 does not.

We would have liked to see the Stamina Bioflex 2200 come equipped with a cardiovascular station. Studies have proven that aerobic exercise increases weight loss.

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    Beth Mellott

    Where can I get an owners manual?