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Starcaps are a weight reduction supplement distributed by Balanced Heath Products, Inc. and created by Nikki Haskell, the “diet queen.” This supplement is sold in the form of a red capsule and endeavors to minimize bloating, metabolize protein and detoxify the user’s body. There are a few celebrity testimonials posted on the official website for Starcaps. These capsules are claimed to make “dieting easy.” They sell via the website for $80, however, no free trial samples are offered at this time. Starcaps are stated to assist women with dropping anywhere from 10-125 pounds of unwanted body weight. This dietary supplement is additionally available in stores like The Vitamin Shoppe, Great Earth Vitamin Stores and GNC.

A few of the notable active ingredients incorporated into Starcaps are fresh garlic, a plant enzyme and papaya extract which contains papain. The official website claims that these key components “supplement a well balanced diet.” 1-2 Starcaps are directed to be taken each day, in the morning with juice. This diet capsule does not contain nicotine, caffeine, Ephedrine or any amphetamines. There is not a 100% money-back/satisfaction guarantee posted on the official website for Starcaps. Although a well balanced diet plan is encouraged, a specific fitness routine isn’t mentioned.

List of Ingredients

Not available on the official website.

Product Features

Starcaps are essentially weight loss capsules that are claimed to aid women in dropping excess body fat, reducing bloating, detoxifying their system and metabolizing protein. The three primary ingredients found in Starcaps are fresh garlic, a plant enzyme and papaya extract, which is a known source of papain. This diet product sells at the “discounted” price of $80. There is no real clinical data presented on the official website to help support Starcaps supplements. This diet pill is directed to be taken each morning in conjunction with a well balanced diet.

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  • There are a few celebrity testimonials posted on the official website for Starcaps.
  • Starcaps do not contain any caffeine, Ephedrine, nicotine or amphetamines.
  • Starcaps can be conveniently purchased through the official website.


  • There isn’t any clinical research posted on the official website for Starcaps.
  • Starcaps are not offered with a 100% money-back/satisfaction guarantee.
  • A full product ingredient list for Starcaps is not provided on the website.
  • There are no free trial samples of Starcaps capsules offered on the official website.
  • Some ingredients found in Starcaps may not be suitable for some individuals (those who are allergic).


When all is said and done, the official website for Starcaps is a bit too “infomercially” for us. There is very little information on Starcaps actually provided. While it’s good to hear that Starcaps do not contain caffeine, Ephedrine, nicotine and amphetamines, it would also be reassuring to see a 100% satisfaction guarantee offered on the website, along with free trial samples of Starcaps, a full product ingredient list and some real clinical evidence supporting the claimed effectiveness of Starcaps diet supplements.

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