Summer Sanders’ Prenatal Workout Review

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Summer Sanders’ Prenatal Workout is a workout designed especially for pregnant women, and features fitness professional Summer Sanders doing the workout during the final trimester of her own pregnancy. If you are looking for a way to stay in shape while you are pregnant or to start shedding the pregnancy pounds soon after delivery, this DVD may be the right choice for you, but we will take a closer look at it to help you decide whether or not to purchase this DVD for your own library.

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Summer Sanders’ Prenatal Workout is a completely safe workout routine to do at any stage of your pregnancy. It features three different workouts, designed to be one for each of the trimesters in your pregnancy. Sanders’ is featured in the video during the 7th month of her pregnancy to help motivate you to continue with the routine, and to prove that you will be able to keep doing it. Some of the moves may be more challenging than others, but you do not need to worry about hurting your baby. Some reviewers say there is not enough of a lower body workout, but many are very satisfied with the workout overall saying that it not only left them feeling sore the next morning, but also helped them fit into their pre-pregnancy clothes within just a few months after giving birth. One reviewer stated she was even able to workout the morning she gave birth. The bands used in the DVD are necessary for you to use also, if you want to get the same intensity and result from the workout. There is a big difference in how much the workout does if you are not using the bands.

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  • Summer Sanders’ Prenatal Workout features a workout for each trimester.
  • This DVD is available online and at various retailers nationwide.


  • Summer Sanders’ Prenatal Workout requires people to purchase additional equipment to effectively use the workout.
  • This product is targeted at a limited audience of pregnant women.
  • Some say there is not a sufficient lower body workout.
  • This does not address nutrition, and is not designed to promote weight loss.


Summer Sanders’ Prenatal Workout looks to be an ideal solution for women who are pregnant and have limited exercise ability. All the workouts are safe, and you can use a combination of the three, or one for each trimester. The only thing we do not like is the limited audience, and how it does not address nutrition to help keep pregnancy weight gain in line with the healthy guidelines of around 35 pounds for a single child.

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