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Supreme Sports Enhancements is a manufacturer of sports nutritional bodybuilding supplements. Supreme Sports Enhancements was founded by Ross Erstling and is located in Jersey City, New Jersey. They are said to specialize in conception and formulation of unique and effective body building products that are scientifically guaranteed to produce results. The Supreme Sports Enhancement products include AndroGenerator, Omnibolic, and Vicodene.


Not applicable. Supreme Sports Enhancements uses patented ingredients obtained through contracts with pioneers in the industry for two of their products.

Product Features

Supreme Sports Enhancement manufactures nutritional products that are designed for bodybuilders. They are said to not be your average supplement manufacturer. Supreme Sports Enhancements is said to specialize in unique and effective body building products that are scientifically guaranteed to produce results. AndroGenerator is a Pro-Androgenic Muscle Cell Generator. This product is a testosterone enhancer designed to create gains in muscle mass and strength. It increases testosterone levels and increases sexual performance. It also increases mood, confidence and sports performance. This product is for men only and can be harmful for women and children. Omnibolic is a Pro-Anabolic Hypertrophic Agent. It is designed to increase lean muscle mass, muscle definition, strength and endurance. It is said to be non-toxic and side effect free. The primary active anabolic ingredient is Ecdysterone, an ingredient said to be the best kept secret in Russian athletics which has just recently been used outside of Russia. It is said to be more effective than synthetic anabolic steroids in athletic performance. Vicodene is a natural pain killer, said to offer anti-inflammatory results and pain relief in 30 minutes. It is said to stimulate the healthy immune response without side effects or toxicity.

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  • Supreme Sports Enhancement has a dedicated website.
  • Supreme Sports Enhancement has scientific data and clinical trial information on their website.


  • Supreme Sports Enhancement product information may be difficult for most consumers to understand as it uses scientific jargon to explain the products and how they work.
  • Supreme Sports Enhancement products should be used with caution, and not without physician consultation.


Supreme Sports Enhancement manufactures products specifically designed for body builders who want the positive effects of anabolic steroids without the side effects. Two of their products, AndroGenerator, and Omnibolic are said to fit this description. AndroGenerator is specifically for use by men, so women and children should not come into contact with this product. Omnibolic is for use by men or women, however women who are pregnant or nursing should not use this product. The Supreme Sports Enhancement website has complete information about their products, including scientific information. However, many consumers will be overwhelmed by the scientific words used in the descriptions and may not understand the products completely. Consumers considering using these products should seek the advice of a physician to ensure their safety and well-being.

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    Scott Freifeld

    I know the owner personally…this man has sold fake steroids to people! I can’t imagine what he puts in his products!! dont buy his stuff!! Ross Erstling is a very shady fellow and I’ve done work for him as a courtesy and gave it to him at a discounted rate, and he chose to stiff me! I am an honest business man and this guy isnt!! boycott his terrible business plan of trying to step on everyone on the ladder