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Sweatin to the Oldies is a line of fitness DVDs created by Richard Simmons. Richard Simmons is the fitness expert and personality that has been inspiring weight loss through diet and exercise for 30 years. Richard Simmons believes in the combination of diet and exercise for long term weight loss results and benefits. Sweatin to the Oldies is an aerobics based exercise routine that is low impact, set to music that has the consumer motivated to workout. The first version of Sweatin to the Oldies was released in 1990, and the line is now into its fifth version.


Not applicable. Sweatin to the Oldies is available in DVD and VHS.

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Sweatin to the Oldies is a exercise line of videos developed by Richard Simmons. Richard Simmons is an exercise personality who has inspired weight loss for many Americans through his diet and exercise programs. He has appeared on countless television shows and makes public appearances all over the country. He is known for his over-the-top personality. Sweatin to the Oldies uses oldies music including Great Balls of Fire, It’s My Party, Wipeout, and Dancing in the Street. This music is set to the aerobic routine to motivate the consumer. The exercises are low impact so even the beginners can keep up with the workouts. The DVDs are now available up to release 5, and are available for purchase through third party websites. They may be purchased individually or in a bundle. Richard Simmons has a dedicated corporate website that has links to his other products, and motivational information for consumers.

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  • Sweatin to the Oldies is an exercise program for consumers looking to lose weight.
  • Sweatin to the Oldies is available for purchase from the dedicated website and third party websites.


  • Sweatin to the Oldies may not be challenging for consumers who are not beginners.
  • Sweatin to the Oldies workouts last almost an hour.


Sweatin to the Oldies is a workout DVD regimen developed and lead by Richard Simmons that caters to consumers looking to lose weight that may not have worked out in the past. The exercises is aerobic based and low impact to minimize injury and ease the consumer into a workout regimen. The music is upbeat and motivating for consumers, and familiar to most consumers. Sweatin to the Oldies workouts last up to an hour, which may be too much for consumers just starting an exercise program. However, consumers that have been working out for a while may not be challenged by the low impact nature of these workouts. The workouts are available in 5 different DVDs, and may be purchased from Richard Simmons official site or from third party sites.

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