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Syntrax Frye

List Of Ingredients

Syntrax Frye contains eight main ingredients in a proprietary blend: Velvet bean extract (standardized for L-Dopa), Coffee bean extract (standardized for caffeine), Green Leaf Tea Extract (standardized for catechins and EGCG), Coleus Forskohlii (standardized for forskolin), Barberry Bark Extract (standardized for berberine), Ginger root (standardized for gingerols), Bergenia Root Extract (standardized for bergenin), and Yohimbine.

Product Features

Syntrax Frye’s proprietary blend prohibits us from being able to see the actual amounts of each ingredient in this formula. Without this information, we cannot really tell how effective the product will be at getting the job done. Velvet bean extract is known to help with dopamine levels in the brain, and also to increase testosterone levels. Coffee bean extract is used to help get rid of free radicals and boost the metabolism, but we cannot tell the kind of coffee bean used. Green Leaf Tea Extract is a well known fat burning ingredient included in many weight loss supplements. Coleus Forskohlii is a herb from the mint family, thought to help with cardiovascular health and lower blood pressure. Barberry Bark Extract is known to help digestive problems, along with help maintaining liver and gallbladder health. Ginger root is related to capsacian, and has shown weight loss in animal studies. The problem is that it needs to be taken in high dosages for humans, and therefore isn’t a practical solution. Bergenia Root Extract is. in the formula to help lower bad cholesterol levels. Yohimbine comes from the bark of the Yohimibine tree and has been shown to produce some weight loss.

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  • The formula contains proven ingredients.


  • This product may not be good for women because of the increased potential for heightened testosterone levels.
  • While the ingredients are proven, we can’t tell if there’s enough in the formula to produce a weight loss effect.
  • Some online stores have discontinued the product.
  • These are common ingredients in many weight loss supplements, so it doesn’t offer anything new.
  • We were unable to locate an official website for this product.
  • There are many negative comments about the company found across the Internet.


There is plenty of reason to be wary of this product. Without knowing exactly how much of a particular ingredient is in the product, we cannot really say how effective it is. We guess by the way people talk of the product, they are using less than effective amounts to make themselves sound good and save money. Instead, we recommend a product supported by clinical research and a money back guarantee.

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