The 2030 Fat & Fiber Diet Review

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This diet plan has been developed by Gabe Mirkin and Barry Fox in a book on the subject, and it claims that if one increases his or her intake of dietary fiber to 30 grams per day and decreases fat intake moderately – down to 20 grams per day, one can achieve permanent weight loss. The diet plan also claims that this will happen without any painful sensations of hunger, headaches, jitters, anxiety or mood swings.

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The book talks about a diet plan that takes a two pronged strategy to weight loss and health maintenance. The first strategy is to increase the amount of fiber in one’s diet, and the second is to reduce fat intake. Much theoretical reasoning goes into proving how and why the diet works to help users reduce weight, and detailed strategies to successfully complete the diet plan are also given.

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  • Such a diet plan has been shown to prevent breast, colon, lung, and other types of cancer.
  • Low fat and high fiber in one’s diet also helps prevent the onset of diabetes in adults, and decreases blood pressure.
  • If a whole food, plant based diet is employed to achieve the 20/30 end, substantial weight loss can be seen (with a moderate diet and plenty of exercise, of course).
  • The text is brief and is quite easy to understand.
  • This plan is simple to understand and follow, and allow limited room for lapses and mistakes.
  • A number of recipes are part of the book, which keep the diet plan interesting to persevere with.
  • The book contains a fat and fiber counter that is easy to use and helps one keep track of their daily allowable limits.


  • There has been too much emphasis throughout the book on removal of fat from the diet, and little distinction has been made around good and bad fat.
  • There is not enough emphasis on appropriate exercise techniques, as a balance between diet and exercise is the hallmark of any successful diet plan that is to stand the test of time.
  • The relative strictness of this diet plan makes it slightly impractical, and might lead to failure in retaining the weight loss in many users.


The 20/30 diet plan appears to be a balanced approach to weigh loss through alteration of one’s diet. A major factor lacking from the diet plan is regular exercise – without with no diet plan can be a holistic one. Moreover, due to the strictness of the diet, the initial weight loss from this diet plan plateaus off or is even gained back on when the user discontinues the diet plan. Hence, this book might not result in permanent weight loss for most individuals.

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