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With so many weight loss plans at your disposal, it’s so easy to get confused about what it is you really need. The key is to begin by sorting through a number of weight loss programs and products to attain a better understanding of what all is out there and what could potentially benefit you the best. At this point we’re going to take a look at the Dillard Diet Design. This is a weight reduction program that was created by one Dr. Floyd Dillard, whom is a licensed physician living in Florida. Sadly there doesn’t appear to be any official website for this diet plan.

One aspect of the Dillard Diet Design that may be beneficial to some, but unfortunate to others is the fact that this program is only available through facilities in Florida. In a similar fashion to many other diet plans offered these days, this program encourages a reduction in carbohydrate consumption. The purpose of this is to cause the dieter’s body to begin attacking fat cells and using them as an energy source. Some may compare the Dillard Diet Design to other contemporary plans such as the Atkins Diet or South Beach Diet. There are no success stories provided to support this plan.

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The Dillard Diet Design program is one that can only be taken advantage of through the actual clinics, which are found in Florida. Naturally if you do not reside in this particular state, then you may have some difficulty utilizing the Dillard Diet Design. Judging from what’s offered online, this program doesn’t appear to involve any dietary supplements or fitness regimens. However, the Dillard Diet Design is suitable for both women and men that desire assistance with weight reduction and reside in Florida. The essential goal of this type of weight loss plan is to reduce carbohydrate intake and naturally lose unwanted body fat. There is no guarantee addressed.

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  • With the Dillard Diet Design you do not need to adopt any heavy fitness regimens.
  • Dietary supplements that can sometimes lead to unwanted side effects are not incorporated into the Dillard Diet Design program.


  • There are no success stories provided to support the Dillard Diet Design.
  • It appears that you must reside in Florida to take advantage of this program.
  • There is no official website offered for the Dillard Diet Design, which makes it rather difficult to learn about.
  • No convenient diet pills are involved with this weight loss plan.


After sorting through all of the information found online, the Dillard Diet Design doesn’t seem so ideal for most dieters. First of all, you cannot really get involved with this plan unless you live in Florida. Secondly, there is no official website for this program that supplies ample information on what all it involves. While the Dillard Diet Design does encourage a reduction in carbohydrate intake, there are no specific dietary supplements incorporated to help dieters with curbing hunger or burning away calories.

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    The Dillard diet worked wonders for me! I lost approx 40 lbs over a 6 month period and felt great! Yes, the first week was hard, but the results were more than worth it!!!!!



    I work with a lady who just lost 25 pounds on it over about 5 months