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The hit television show The Hills has hot stars and slim bodies. Personal trainer Jarett Del Bene designed a diet for Lauren Conrad and Audrina Patridge. The stars are workout partners and they live together, so maintaining the eating plan is simple. Conrad reports she weighs 10 pounds less, but Partridge has yet to lose weight on the Hills Diet.

There is no official website for the Hills Diet. Information on the diet has been pulled from different interviews and reports from the stars. Both Conrad and Partridge workout with a personal trainer on a regular basis, but the average dieter can workout at home or in a local gym with the same effect.

List of Ingredients

1,500 calorie diet high in lean protein and fiber.

Product Features

The Hills Diet calls for three meals and three snacks every day. The three meals lean protein and vegetables. Protein shakes fill in the gaps when food is not available. Snacks are small, but healthy additions to the day’s calories – think apples and nuts.

Dieters on the Hills Diet may find the calorie total too high for weight loss. Stars are constantly traveling, so they need to consume frequent small meals and increased calories to keep blood sugar levels balanced. Conrad and Partridge also workout for hours, burning more calories than the average dieter.

The program is healthy and sound, but it will may not work for the average dieter as written. Eating six times a day is hard, so some dieters may want to choose five meals / snacks instead of six. Protein shakes are a healthy choice for snacks, but meals should be more complete with vegetables and lean protein.

The cheat day is another concern on the Hills Diet. Dieters trying to lose weight evidently have an unhealthy relationship with food. Giving them one complete day to eat what they want is like asking them to gain weight. If the cheat day is utilized, make sure not to weigh-in until the day before the cheat day the following week.

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  • Low calorie, lean protein, high vegetable diet.
  • Requires lots of exercise for weight loss.
  • No specific cost.


  • No official website for the Hills Diet.
  • The stars have not lost a ton of weight.
  • Conrad and Partridge workout seven days a week.


The Hills Diet is a fad diet based on eating recommendations from one personal trainer. The stars Conrad and Partridge are thin and fit, so they have lost little weight on the diet. However, the average dieter is not 115 pounds like Conrad, so weight loss could be a benefit of the Hills Diet.

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