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The New Glucose Revolution is a book written collectively by Jennie Brand-Miller, Thomas M.S. Wolever, Kaye Foster-Powell, and Stephen Colagiuri, that offers an in-depth analysis of a low GI diet as a viable weight loss plan. Used for years by diabetics as a way to control blood sugar levels, they claim this diet is a sound and safe weight loss plan for any dieter. Fellow dieters call this their “food bible”, and it has received rave reviews from experts and dieters alike. The New Glucose Revolution diet is based upon the GI tract, which they claim controls weight gain and other weight related issues. By eating foods listed on their approved list, they claim you will gradually fall into your natural, healthy weight range, which is ideal for any long-term weight loss goals. Since its introduction during the turn of the century, The Glucose Revolution has released a second updated installment, which is available in bookstores or online for $15.95.

The New Glucose Revolution appears to be a sound diet, but a second look reveals this diet is not ideal for all dieters. Also, it seems that weight loss will be quite gradual.


This is a book, therefore there are no ingredients to list.

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The New Glucose Revolution emphasizes eating low GI foods to maintain weight balance, which is based on legitimate science. For years diabetics followed this plan to maintain a healthy blood sugar balance and weight balance as an appropriate way to deal with diabetes – the authors of The New Glucose Revolution reason that this approach makes for a well-balanced diet. Low GI foods, which are listed in the New Glucose Revolution book, are consumed to balance the GI tract, whereas high GI foods are avoided. The New Glucose Revolution believes that a spike in blood sugar leads to increased hunger signals and decrease in health – by avoiding foods that cause this, people will eat less often and feel healthier. The science behind this is legitimate and recommended by many physicians. However, some critics are skeptical of this diet because of what is included on the low GI list. Snack bars and rich pastas are included, which some nutritionists believe are unhealthy. They also do not offer alternatives for people with allergies.

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  • There are no special foods to buy or routines to complete.
  • It is based on a legitimate diet first prescribed to diabetics in the 1970s.
  • The New Glucose Revolution does not promote any unhealthy weight loss goals – they only claim you will fall into your natural weight range over time.


  • Nutritionists believe some of the approved foods are not healthy.
  • This diet does not accommodate for people with certain health allergies.
  • You must conduct the diet by yourself, which is inconvenient or difficult for some dieters.
  • They do not emphasize exercise.
  • Weight loss results will be very gradual.


The New Glucose Revolution Diet is based on a healthy diet used by diabetics for decades, and it looks like its transformation into a complete diet plan does healthfully deliver diet benefits to most dieters. Besides having scientific backing from numerous sources, this diet is also highly recommended by physicians. Unfortunately, it does not cater to all dieters, especially ones looking for controlled solutions or allergy-free solutions. It does appear to be a sound diet plan but does not completely meet the need of all dieters. The New Glucose Revolution probably won’t work well for users who have been unsuccessful with dieting in the past, or for those who are looking to lose weight in a short time frame.

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