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The South Beach Diet is an eating plan that consists of three phases and that aims to assist dieters with the process of losing weight. This diet program focuses on minimizing carbohydrates and focusing more on protein-rich lean meats, along with some grains, vegetables and fruits. Initially The South Beach Diet rules out most heavy carb foods like pasta and potatoes, but a greater variety of foods are acceptable after a couple weeks have passed. The South Beach Diet endeavors to help dieters hit their “target weight” and then allows them to eat a little more freely. The purpose of pulling out carbs for the first couple weeks has to do with removing the body’s habitual desire for these foods.

With The South Beach Diet, carbohydrates in particular are looked at in a somewhat negative way. The official website claims that most “unhealthy processed carbs” are digested too fast, which can result in the individual’s insulin levels rising. This can alert the body to store fat and desire more “unhealthy foods.” Unlike many diet plans currently offered, The South Beach Diet is not a supplement or diet pill. This program actually consists of preplanned meals that are frozen and simply go in the microwave. However, The South Beach Diet additionally offers “healthy” recipes if you choose to make the meals yourself. This diet program is suited for both men and women, and claims to allow dieters to enjoy a vast array of foods while they lose unwanted weight.

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The South Beach Diet is an eating program that aims to aid with weight reduction. This diet plan consists of three phases, which are Phase 1 (begin losing weight and reduce food cravings), Phase 2 (steadily lose weight) and Phase 3 (maintain a healthy eating routine forever). The South Beach Diet involves healthy meal recipes and prepackaged frozen meals that can be microwaved. Essentially The South Beach Diet focuses on the reduction of unhealthy carbohydrates and endeavors to remove cravings. This diet program is based on the Glycemic Index. There are different South Beach Diet programs suitable for men and women.

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  • The South Beach Diet official website offers testimonials.
  • The official website offers a recipe database.
  • The South Beach Diet does not involve taking diet pills or medications that may result in side effects.


  • The first phase of The South Beach Diet may not be suitable for all dieters since it restricts so much.
  • The South Beach Diet does not appear to come with a money-back guarantee.
  • Some individuals may not care for The South Beach Diet since it promotes a lifestyle change that lasts forever.
  • The South Beach Diet does not appear to promote regular exercise.
  • Offers no supplements that burn calories or suppress appetite.
  • Some may experience adverse reactions to the detox period. (See reader comments.)


The South Beach Diet may be beneficial for some individuals who’re trying to lose weight since it encourages a reduction of unhealthy carbohydrates, which are commonly blamed for leading to weight gain. However, the notion of changing your diet and ways of eating forever may not be so appealing to some individuals. Also, The South Beach Diet lacks any appetite suppressants and supplements that assist with fat burning.

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26 User Reviews about The South Beach Diet

  • 1

    Can I eat energy bars during phase one. They are from Costco ( Sunrise Energy bars with Omega-3) They are made mostly out of whole grain and contain a walnuts, seeds, almonds etc etc.


  • 2

    I have been on SBD for a month and have lost 16.5 pounds and it does not seem too hard. I found a great website for recipes She has converted recipes to fit into the plan. What a lifesaver. Plus, I use the SBD free app to track my foods. It is a healthy eating plan which I was looking for because you can’t eat instant dinners or take diet pills your whole life. You just need to make the right changes in your eating patterns.


  • 3

    can i purchase south beach diet peanut butter snack bars for you


  • 4
    Katherine Mullikin

    i want to know i need get south beach diet pill with diabetes. pleas sent to me on email. thanks


  • 5

    I just finished reading the book and would love to start the diet but I am allergic to eggs so is ther esomething I can eat for breakfast other than eggs?


  • 6

    Can you eat store bought hummus during phase 1?



    yes. i do it all the time. get the good brand from walmart though yuhhhhh


  • 7

    I tried SB in the sense that I cut down on all sugars, most starch, and all bad fat. I lost 10 pounds in the first week, but i didn’t starve myself. I’ve lost a total of 20 pounds in 1 month, with regular exercise. I’m also counting calories. I feel very good.


  • 8

    So far so good, after abot a month. Have lost about 14 lb., and feeling fine. Snacks in the SB diet sure helps. Plenty of protein too.


  • 9

    I do a lot of weight lifting and do not want to lose muscle i am just starting phase 1. will this happen?


  • 10

    I’ve been on the plan for 6 days — down 7 pounds which I assume is mostly water, as with any plan. I feel one of the reasons people start feeling bad in phase 1 could be because when you remove food groups you end up cutting quite a few calories without noticing. I’ve been tracking mine and I’m barely reaching 1100 a day. Any diet would cause one to feel weak, tired, dizzy, etc. when you aren’t getting enough to keep up your energy.

    I had great success on Atkins about 10 years ago, dropped 20 in 3 months. Because it is so high in protein I was rarely hungry and therefore, cut a lot of calories per day. Unfortunately, unless you only eat to fill yourself up and not because you enjoy food, it is too hard to maintain – one slip and you’ve ruined your entire day/week.

    I tried Weight Watchers (off and on the past 2 years), but it was too hard because 1 tablespoon of peanut butter would be 1/3 your daily allowed calories and because I could still eat bread or drink wine I would fail time and again – those foods made me feel hungry!

    I am finding after 6 days on SBD that I am not feeling hungry nonstop and I don’t miss breads, crackers, wine, etc. Looking ahead, SBD makes me feel confident I can sustain this type of eating long enough to reach my goal and beyond.


  • 11

    I both read the book and signed up for online South Beach Diet web access. I initially started preparing myself for Phase 1 by removing all soda from my diet, and most refined carbs (I didn’t eat many anyway). I was only able to stay on Phase 1 for 5.5 days. I felt terrible – headaches, low energy, just totally out of it. I drank very little caffeine prior to Phase 1 so it was definitely not caffeine withdrawal(I have experienced that before, this wasn’t it). Many people on will mention “not feeling like themselves” during Phase 1. I think this is due to getting virtually zero carbs during that initial period. As soon as I switched to Phase 2, I immediately felt better. I am not seeing much weight loss overall, but I think this is a very sound dietary plan and will continue with it to see how it can help me over a month or two before I make any conclusions. I only have about 11 pounds to lose so it may take me longer to get there.


  • 12
    al sames

    Can low Carb pasta like dreamfield work with this diet


  • 13

    Does South Beach still make the frozen dinners I use to see at the local supermarkets?


  • 14

    What are recommended snacks for the first stage of the SB diet?


  • 15
    Sue Janssen

    Is wine allowed while on the southbeach diet?



    No. No alcohol during the first phase.


  • 16
    wanda cook

    I have the South Beach Diet Book but I wantedthe soup recipe with the brussel sprouts, leek chicken I don’t use credi card over internet. Thanks I lost 8 lbs once on the diet but it was hard when you work 40 hrs. and volunteer more hours. Thanks


  • 17

    I’ve been on the diet for 11 days and I’ve lost 7lbs. I was doing really good and about day 9 or so I started having a pounding heart. I called my doctor and he said to go to phase 2 because my body was reacting from the detoxing period. I trust my doctor he is a great individual, but how long should I be experiencing this and is this common. My blood pressure also has risen alot.

    I need some help. I love the diet and don’t want to have to go off it.

    Thank you


    Sue Janssen

    I enjoy a glass or two of wine in the evening, is this allowed on the southbeach diet.



    No, not until the two week period is over. I also enjoy a glass of wine at night, but have made it through to day 10 without a problem. You can do it!



    Joanne, Please follow your doctors advice above adherence to any self-administered diet. I believe the SB Diet is fantastic. But you must pay attention to your body’s signals. Be sure there isn’t something else going on with your heart. the high pressure may be coincidental. One way to find out is to take a break from the SB diet and eat carefully according to what your doctors nutritionist recommends. Keep on keepin on. %^)


  • 18
    nanci alagna

    my only negative,is the fact that Kraft Fooods have scaled down over the past three years to providing more frozen food entrees. In fact, its almost impossible to find the selection that was available three years ago.They seem to focus on replacement bars instead. Why?


  • 19
    Judy Trapp

    I love baking bread. This is the one thing I haven’t been able to do successfully on the Diet. That is bread for everyday. Could you supply me with some good whole grain, whole wheat bread recipes? Thank you



    go to, cdkitchen, or any number of recipe sites. I use my bread machine to make a whole wheat bread that is easy and slices like a dream.


  • 20
    Judy Trapp

    My husband and I went on this Diet together at the encouragement of our Doctor. We had great success. We find it very easy to maintain the Diet. It has been over a year and we have kept our weight down.