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Weight loss is something that many people struggle with on a regular basis, but that few really have victory over. It is possible to achieve great things in the area of weight loss, but knowing exactly how is usually the problem.

One specific aspect of weight loss that many individuals struggle with is cellulite. Cellulite is a build-up of fat deposits, normally in places like your legs, buttocks, and stomach that are hard to erase except through hard work and plenty of exercise. Usually, these fat deposits are small pockets, which make the skin look dimpled and cause many people to avoid wearing sleeveless shirts, shorts, or swimsuits.

Thermoderm is a recently invented weight loss pill that is supposedly designed to specifically deal with the problem of cellulite. While this specific diet drug has not been around long and all of its pros and cons are not known, it is beginning to make itself known on the market.

List of Ingredients

Ginkgo Extracts, Dried Rhizome of Ginger, Kelp, Cayenne.

Product Features

Thermoderm is known in some circles as DermaSculpt. Thermoderm comes in a variety of different styles, but is most easily purchased as a kit, including pills and a cream that must be applied to the areas of cellulite on your body.

There are few websites that actually make Thermoderm available to the public, but DermaSculpt does seem to be more popular as a name and more well-known by critics. This drug does not have a lot of information available about its history, nor does it have any website where you can find testimonials and pictures of individuals that have actually claimed to have used the drug. Although some websites state that this is the case, no website has been found to date to verify this data.

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  • Thermoderm offers both a pill and a cream, allowing you to feel like you are doing everything possible to rid yourself of the cellulite.
  • The ingredients included in Thermoderm are good minerals and achieve a good sense of well-being for any individual that takes them. The cayenne is helpful in maintaining the warming feeling, while the other medications are usually helpful for minor weight loss.
  • Thermoderm comes in a kit, already put together so that you don’t have to determine which type of pills or cream is best for you.


  • There are no pictures and testimonials available to the public about what Thermoderm has been able to achieve.
  • The lack of a website or any previous history concerning Thermoderm is somewhat disheartening. All websites that sell this product list exactly the same information, as do any websites dealing with DermoSculpt.
  • Thermoderm is expensive and is not readily available to the public. If you really want to try this drug, you have to work hard to find it and you can only purchase it in the kit, not in individual containers.


All in all, Thermoderm is probably not the best choice of a diet pill for someone that is just starting to try to deal with cellulite. It is expensive and has yet to be proven. There are other drugs available on the market that give you the opportunity to experiment without spending lots of your hard-earned money.

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